Slide Show Wednesday

The “Track Team” that has been out every night are full of incredible stories…not just life adjusting, but they will be life altering.

David, Cindy, John, Thomas, Rene, Brother Orville, and Kara (I think Chris and David Bremer as well) have come back each morning brimming.  I will let them share what has taken place on the streets of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  Some may share here…but I am certain they will share on Sunday night when we return.  You don’t want to miss that service!

What God is doing–has done–and is about to do on this trip is nothing but mind blowing.  The first sight we saw when we entered the partially completed church was a blind boy.  We saw him–but he didn’t see us.

God saw us all. 

There was music playing and we watched as his legs jumped to the music.  Sitting on a rough board, his 14 year old, gangley legged self,  with a big grin on his face.  As I looked around at the faces watching I saw that many eyes misted over.  His were clouded.

Kara shook his hand, Cindy gave him a lolly-pop and watched as he would lick it and then put it up so close to his eye that his eye lashes could touch it.  We saw him enjoy life from his perspective.  Being blind did not wipe his smile from his face, nor alter the joy that seemed to bubble up inside him as his head turned in different directions at all the new sounds.

Have you stopped and thought about all the things that happen in our day-to-day existence that seems to “wipe the smile” right off of our faces?  I thought about it today.  For the past couple of years, I have tried to be more conscious about smiling.  I have trouble sometimes.  Not that I’m not happy, but so often deep thought sometimes makes me look mad.  I’m not mad…I’m just thinking. 🙂  I AM happy!!

Today made me really think.  About our reactions to life.  My “son-in-law” told me he saw the way I looked when I was trying to find my mud trowel on Monday.  Today, when I misplaced it and asked him if he had it he quickly replied, “No.  I saw the look on your face the other day!”  Sorry David.

I imagine that after today, when we “think” we’ve got it tough, we will have a flash-back to a skinny, Bolivian blind boy sitting on a board with dancing feet.  I know I will.

Today our group of children grew a bit more.  If you remember we started with two.

Today we had 109.  All through the excitement of what the first two children received.  They brought more.

That’s how we are to multiply the church…but we’ve first got to show the world that we have Someone they NEED.  Someone that is like no other.  And that our lives are blessed in ways that are unseen…no matter what things look like on the outside.

That’s kind of like the two little girls that first came.  They received candy, hugs, smiles and coloring pages about Jesus.  They told a few more.  Those few more told more.  Soon, our ladies were digging in all our bags, making copies of coloring pages, giving hugs, handshakes and smiles to MANY.

The walls have also grown taller.  Through the work of many–God is building a church.

Enjoy the pictures.  Thank you again Rene for taking pictures for me–and thank you KIM for sharing yours!!

Tomorrow we finish the building and dedicate the church with the congregation tomorrow evening.  Be in prayer for these wonderful people.  God is so good.

Don’t forget to read the interviews below from Chris Smith and Chase Curti!  Thanks guys!

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