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Last FULL Day of Cooking…

Well, we finished up the last full day of cooking….and I have to say, the grilled chicken was a BIG HIT! Thanks Jerry!

Donece made a homemade peach cobbler that was so good “it’d make you wanna slap yo mama!”

I’m just say’n…

Nancy, Mrs. Everlee, Donece and Jerry Hicks, and myself are THANKFUL that today went as well as it did….we won’t talk about the RUSH at Taco time….

God was good…all week long. Tomorrow the sweet little munchkins will all go home…. (smile–sigh– take some more Aleve)

I have NEVER hurt this bad all over….EVER. EVEN after working in the field all day…planting tomatoes. ALL DAY. ACRES of TOMATOES… I’m just say’n….

This was a challenge. I honestly laid in the bed early this morning–somewhere between 4 and 5 and thought…”can I do this for 5 more weeks???

I told Jeff yesterday…after a major crying jag in the shower…I wasn’t sure if I could hold up. I am leaving for “She Speaks” in July..and after working Monday through Wednesday of THAT week, I wonder if I will have enough sense to get on the right airplane on Thursday morning….

I guess if I don’t show back up Sunday evening…then Jeff will know that I didn’t have enough sense….

If I don’t —maybe I will wind up somewhere very cool…like Alaska???

All of us are suffering from the extreme heat in the kitchen and the air conditioner being OUT.  Swollen legs, hands and faces…and no, it has nothing to do with the peach cobbler.

If I don’t get back online this weekend…(maybe I will, but just in case), HAPPY FATHER’S Day to all you great Dad’s out there! I personally think I am MARRIED to the BEST DAD any children ever had!

I love you Jeff!! You are a WONDERFUL husband to me…and super daddy to our girls…and I think there are 7 little kids who would say you are a pretty neat “Papa” too….

AND I am excited to hear him preach on Sunday at Red Hill Methodist Church! Yay!!!

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Day 2 Camp “Soak’d” (I think)

Y’all.  Really.  I never appreciated the camp cooks.  (Pictured, Chef Donece and counselor assistant, Heather.)

2011-06-14 Kids Camp 2011 Day 2 001Today—totally I do.

My feet are killing me. The kids are precious.  The counselor assistant’s we have for the kitchen—are off the CHAIN! Totally.  But I’m still beat.

I’m going to show just a few highlights…mostly because I have GOT to get horizontal.  Really.  My feet may not cooperate tomorrow.  They almost didn’t want to move today!

The memories of past camps—when I came as a counselor have come back…did I tell the cooks “Thank you” enough?  Did I clean up after myself?  Did I teach the kids to be appreciative?

I went home for an hour this afternoon—and showered and changed before supper—we had an air conditioner go out…and it was HOT.  Put yourself there if you can…mentally.  Turn your oven on, turn off the air conditioner, and just keep the oven on…and stand CLOSE while the oven door is open…and it’s on HIGH.  Now don’t leave it when it gets warm…stay.  Feel the heat.  Feel the sweat pool?  And run??  Uhm…yeah.  So did we.2011-06-14 Kids Camp 2011 Day 2 026

My awesome husband brought us HUGE fans this evening for the supper meal.  (Which was homemade lasagna—Donece recipe!!) 

Thank you to the dream boat of my LIFE!  I am BLESSED!  We will celebrate 29 terrific years on the last day of this month—terrific you say? Yes, I say.  Battles have come as they have in most lives, but the Anchor holds…if you hold to the right One.

Oh, sorry.  My mind wandered…I’m too tired to type more….

I will later.  Come back soon.  Thanks Heather for taking pictures for me again…I was


1st Week of Kids Camp!

Y’all. I am really too tired to tell you too much about these photos…or the sweet kids…or the dedicated counselors…or the HARD WORKING KITCHEN STAFF….

Donece and Jerry head up the team…Jerry ran the grill today and grilled up some mighty fine hamburgers! Nancy and I helped out where we could and there there was…Mrs. Everlee, a fixture…I don’t know if they could “do camp” without her.

Pastor Donald, Pastor Mel–Cynthia–and Aaron’s whole gang are here–not to mention…many folks I just can’t mention—because my brain and body is too tired…and 6 o’clock will come early.

I will try to upload pics–I have several that will take some for me—but finding the time to upload will the the trial…because I have promised a certain amazing kids pastor some homemade banana pudding….And of course, Cynthia…after all, she did give me a duck…(remember? I shared the story at the Grace AG Missions Dinner–and I shared it on Laced With Grace last week… (click on the link if you’ve not read the story).

Anyway, PRAY for us–we need strength…and TODAY IS JUST DAY NUMBER 1!!!! of 6 weeks!!!

Thank you to all who pitched in…thank you to all the kids who waited patiently on a HOT off the grill hamburger!

Thank you to GOD for blessing us with a great first day!  I will have some pictures of the Kidz Ministry Team before the week is over! I promise!

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Thank you, to my sweet friend, Nancy, who gladly modeled our new shirts!

We are thrilled with our new shirts!

Why the new shirt you may ask?…

When we first designed the little purple T-shirts with the logo, Sisters of Faith and Wanda’s favorite Bible verse, it was to raise money for BGMC and remember our sister, Wanda. We had them made in time for the first birthday she celebrated with Jesus in heaven! We wore them proudly and were so excited that so many wanted these little purple shirts. That year for her birthday in heaven (2008), we also made February 28/29 our “Annual Celebrate Purple Day”.

I began thinking this past week…Sisters of Faith is so much more than just celebrating the life of one dear sister–or 3 sisters that loved each other with all their hearts…

It’s so much more.

It’s about ALL God’s daughters. ALL colors. ALL nationalities. ALL sizes. No matter where you come from–no matter who your earthly parents are–IF YOU LOVE JESUS and have asked Him to be your Savior–changing your heart and life forever–WE ARE SISTERS OF FAITH!

That’s the reason for the new shirt. It’s about US. ALL of us. EVERY SINGLE ONE of US, JESUS LOVING GIRLS!

The colors “hot pink”, brilliant purple, and lime green, represent the lives of many. The life of any woman–or girl–any age who believes in Jesus Christ as her LIFE CHANGER.

That’s what He’s done in my life. He came in–changed me forever. Not just rearranged–there was MANY things that needed REMOVING. He removed the unnecessary and those things that would hinder–and made me new!

SO–if you would like a shirt, for those that can come get it–or see me at church, it’s $15 for sizes Small to X-large ($18 for any size above X-Large) and the cut of the shirt is a full cut–so it doesn’t fit tight.  Pictured is a size small on my friend, Nancy. If you need it mailed, add $4 for shipping and handling. All proceeds go to Missions for this year.  Make all checks payable to Grace Assembly of God.

What are the mission projects? Well, so far the missions team has made a trip to Rainbow City, AL for clean up–with another trip scheduled for July 7-9. A trip to Joplin, MO is in the planning stages to transport supplies for those in such heartbreaking need.  We are also headed (God willing and nothing changes) to Bolivia in September.

I have had a few ask me about the destination I was supposed to go to this past March–that was postponed due to the uprising (still can’t mention the name online)–and the trip is still on–just waiting on some country details to get worked out…(So continue to pray for those that we will minister to there.)

District Council and Camp meeting is going on this week –and life is most busy for a certain precious man.  VERY BUSY. Pray for Jeff.  It only gets busier as the summer progresses.

Okay–that’s about it for today…believe it or not, it actually took me 3 days to get this one done–had several interruptions–

Isn’t that like life…full of interruptions?  We just learn to adjust and keep rolling. 🙂

Have a blessed week!

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A Busy Week…

I have to admit —my reason for NOT being present and accounted for here—has been the steady activity of getting ready for camp meeting, district council, kids camp, youth camp…and uhmm. Life.

I had written a post for Internet Café a few weeks back and FORGOT it was “airing” today.  So…here you go!  Hot off the press—or, straight out of the pot.  Standing out in the crowd.

2011-03-14 Morning Walk 3-14-11 003God has been SO good to us—in so many things.  Health wise—ministry wise—He get’s all the credit for ANY good thing that comes from Jeff or myself.  It’s certainly not us. 

IF you have nothing else to pray for on Saturday, please pray for me as I will be speaking at our Women’s Ministry Missions Dinner (raising money for our missions projects) “Tables of Love”.  This message—is one that I sort of argued with God about delivering…needless to say, He won.  I repented…MUCH.  See, the thing is, I thought He wanted something “cute…fun even….”  No.  Not happening.  What HE gave—I will deliver.  (Thanks in advance for praying)

I hope all your graduates have walked that long walk—tossed those tasseled hats in the air –and stepped out into an adventure with God!  Wait—didn’t they read the sign?


2011-05-28 Gayles Lake 2011 088

Just one thing…in life, sometimes you just have to stand up in the boat.







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