A Busy Week…

I have to admit —my reason for NOT being present and accounted for here—has been the steady activity of getting ready for camp meeting, district council, kids camp, youth camp…and uhmm. Life.

I had written a post for Internet Café a few weeks back and FORGOT it was “airing” today.  So…here you go!  Hot off the press—or, straight out of the pot.  Standing out in the crowd.

2011-03-14 Morning Walk 3-14-11 003God has been SO good to us—in so many things.  Health wise—ministry wise—He get’s all the credit for ANY good thing that comes from Jeff or myself.  It’s certainly not us. 

IF you have nothing else to pray for on Saturday, please pray for me as I will be speaking at our Women’s Ministry Missions Dinner (raising money for our missions projects) “Tables of Love”.  This message—is one that I sort of argued with God about delivering…needless to say, He won.  I repented…MUCH.  See, the thing is, I thought He wanted something “cute…fun even….”  No.  Not happening.  What HE gave—I will deliver.  (Thanks in advance for praying)

I hope all your graduates have walked that long walk—tossed those tasseled hats in the air –and stepped out into an adventure with God!  Wait—didn’t they read the sign?


2011-05-28 Gayles Lake 2011 088

Just one thing…in life, sometimes you just have to stand up in the boat.







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