Heartland Conference and Retreat Center

Wow.  I think as Jeff has been driving, my mouth has been hanging open at so much magnificent landscapes. Beautiful.

We arrived this morning at Heartland and unloaded our bags, then drove around the property.  I saw a deer.  I know what you’re thinking.  We have deer at home, but this deer stood stock still and stared me down.  I even slapped my leg.  Jeff said, “It’s fake.”100_0151

“No it’s not”, I replied, “his head moved.”

As I eased closer, he turned and ran.  Then three that I didn’t see followed suit.

I had started this morning and asked the Lord for “neat” stuff, and over and over today, I’ve witnessed neat stuff.  You MUST pay attention to see what He is showing you.

I’m a country girl.  We drove through Cincinnati and while the buildings were amazing, I knew right away, city life is not for me.  Put me in the country where the corn fields, the wheat fields and rice fields are, sprinkle the landscape with cattle and trees and ponds and woods, and I am happy as a lark.

Back to the subject at hand.  The Heartland Conference Center.  The COUNTRY is exactly where this amazing place is located. We are here in Marengo, Ohio attending a Camp Director’s Conference, gleaning all we can from seasoned camp directors. 

As I stood listening to Jeff share some of the things he has learned in the past 6 years at West Florida District Camp, I realize all over again how proud I am of my man.  He enjoys his job, and derives great pleasure from helping others, and improving all he can of his surroundings.100_0158

The facilities at Heartland are incredible.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will hush now and let you see for yourself!

This building is “Hickory Lodge”.  It is the facility where we are staying and having the conference.  It is just one of many buildings on this camp ground site.


100_0324Jim Palmer, Ohio Network Secretary brought a very inspiring message.  Encouraging us to guard our “hearts”—serving the LORD with all our “hearts”. 

Ministry is full time.  Any type of ministry is full time.  When you serve God—you are giving Him your best, not your leftovers.  Others are encouraged by your life of service.  It’s easy to get tired in the job, tired of going and giving of yourself constantly.  I know, we’ve been there.  But when you see a life changed—when you see the impact of ministry –it’s like it gives you a booster shot of spiritual adrenalin.  It changes your view.  Sort of like cleans your glasses—you can SEE again.   You can “hear” your calling again.

When Jim opened up with the statement about how he knew those who worked in camp ministry didn’t take the job for the money, or the benefits, or the time off—because if you are in that particular ministry—you already know what I’m talking about.  “Nuff said”.

It’s about making a difference.

Now, some pictures of the view from here….


There are tons more pictures to share.  The woods…the creek, the icicles hanging from the creek banks…

If you live anywhere near this place, it would benefit your group to utilize their facilities for your next women’s, men’s, youth, or young adult retreat!

Just wait until you see the rest of the pictures!







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