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We Have Family in Arkansas!

Want to see Christ in action? Watch the slide show.  These folks are the most amazing people we have ever had the privilege of meeting.  From Jonesboro, Arkansas; Swifton, Arkansas; Red Bud, Arkansas; Moro, Arkansas; Searcy, Arkansas and Harrisburg, Arkansas.

They built a block wall to keep the grounds from eroding into the dorms (which was happening), built several storage rooms, installed a big new bathroom in the “Blair House” (Barbara, you will remember this house with great fondness.)  Some of the ladies scraped the damaged dorm ceilings and did repairs and painted some of the dorm interior walls. 

Kris, a sister blessed with a gift of organization skills that are unbelieveable–organized Jeff’s shop.  The entire thing looks incredible!  Kris–when your group comes back….uhmmm it might need to be “re-organized” as other people go in and “borrow” and don’t put things back where they got it….

Another group of four ladies worked for ALL of the team by cooking the BEST meals and deserts around!  I told Pam and Vicki, they had totally spoiled Jeff.  He is used to either left overs, a sandwich or take-out for lunch.  They cooked fresh –homemade–nothing from a box meals! 

Thank you Pam, Vicki, Glenda and Sandra for all the fine food and sweet friendship.  You girls blessed me more than anything I could have ever imagined.  (That story is for another blog post.)

We bonded with these folks in a way that left us both with tears when they departed.  These are people we call family.  And we thank God for the planting of our feet and crossing of our paths.

Thank you Pastor Matt Smith for bringing this fine group of missionaries to our district.  You all did an amazing job!  Words cannot fully express all the gratitude we feel for your heart and faith in action!

Thanks goes to:  Pastor Matt Smith (Team leader); Jerrel and Joyce Stevens; James and Vicki Kimberland; Chris and Pam Flanigan; Betty Hendrix; Tim Fry; Bill Womack; James Lynch; Kristina Guest; Bonnie Caples, Brian Caples, Benny and Sandra Wright; Pastor Jim Farris; Ida Best; Ronald Tacker, David Hendrix; Bill Vacco; and Pastor Carl and Glenda Neal.
Want to see the hands and feet of Christ in action?  Look again at the slide shows.

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Help me welcome–a NEW MISSIONARY!

I never would have realized–that God would grant me the honor and priviledge of helping a missionary plant her feet in the waters of the journey…down the river of life! But today I did!
Please join me in welcoming my dear friend–one who I call a spiritual “mother”–Gloria Powell!  Please take a minute to visit her bloggity house and say hello!  You will be encouraged from her wisdom–and blessed by her heart!
We took the mission team to Sneads Assembly of God last night for an awesome message by Pastor Juno Douglas.  Wonderful message–great service–God is good!
Tomorrow I will give you the latest updates on our Arkansas Mission Team and all that they have accomplished today!

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Arkansas in Florida! Headline News

Jeff and I are blessed to have a fantastic team from Arkansas with us this week. Pastor Matt Smith and about 20+ folks from Jonesboro First Assembly of God, Jonesboro, Arkansas, and Pastor Carl Neal and his wife, Glenda from Swifton Assembly of God, Swifton, Arkansas. (Forgive me if I missed someone from another church there.)

What a group! They are with us for a week—and Jeff has some jobs lined up!  (You knew he would, right?)

SO! If you are from our neck of the woods, stop by and say hi!  Give them a hearty welcome and a big thank you from our West Florida District A/G Churches! 
There are so many things that need to be done —this is just a wonderful blessing!

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When God Pushes the Pause Button

Have you ever felt that? 

The pause button has been pushed on the movie of  your life–or you’ve been put on hold…

Well, that is sort of how I feel right now.  Last week, my sister, Aimee reminded me, “Angie, it’s not your trip…it’s His.”

Yes, she is right.  For reasons known to Him fully it has been paused.  Put on hold.  Until AFTER March of this year.  If you have followed along on this ride, you know where I was going.  For very obvious reasons, the team won’t be going there right now. I had to pull all the posts down about the trip–again, for obvious reasons.  Safety issues of those already in place there–and for us.

The great peace in my heart about all of it is this:  God knew the day He placed the trip in my lap that this was going to happen.  Did I question Him?  What do you think?  Am I human?  Of course I questioned.

Things like, “Well why did You let me have it only to have it taken away?”

Hmmm.  I think we ask Him that about a lot of things.

The answer?  He says it to each of us.

“Do you trust Me?  If you truly trusted Me to handle this and all those other situations, then  the hand-wringing actions of your heart would cease.  Haven’t you learned yet?  If it’s in My hands….there is no reason you should be trying to hold it too.  My ways and thoughts are so much higher than your own.   Please let go so I can work. 

There are things that should be accomplished in your heart and life before we can go on.  Things that involve others as well.  You do know that it’s not all about you, right?  It involves ALL of My children.  Hang on dear one.  Be patient.  I’m working….even though you can’t see it all right now….trust Me.”

What is it in your life that you are still worrying over?  To worry means we are not fully trusting.  We are clinging—to our own ways and ideas of how things should turn out.  Hmmm.   Although I’m working hard on this aspect of my walk with Him….I’ve not made it yet.

But I’m still working on it.  How about you?  Working on trusting—or worrying.  Make a decision—and stick to it.  TRUST HIM.

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