Day Two of Conference

What an incredible conference so far!

Jeff and I have learned more than our little brains can hold.  I’ve taken notes, some hand written, some typed…and we’ve just tried to soak it all in.  What a PLACE this is!

I’m inserting some pictures of the tour of today—and the speakers today so far.  I forgot one photo—Ebon Carter, Executive Director of Sun Stream Camp in Iowa.  Ebon, I apologize.  I think you are on some of the other pictures though. 🙂

Great speakers, very informative.  Hope we can utilize what we’ve learned!

Carl, the incredible cook, has done an amazing job!  We have been so blessed on this trip….and guess what happened today?

If you are a regular reader…you know how I feel about snow.  Guess what God did?  AND yes, I do claim this as a gift—especially when I checked the weather last night and it didn’t mention snow…and today…surprise!

Something incredibly neat that they have here is a “Nature Building”.  I found some creatures in there that I’d never seen before—at least not in person.

Take a peek.






It may be next week before I finish all the blogging regarding this trip! 🙂

What an amazing place!

Thanks Sue and Randy for a great tour and great hospitality!

Stay tuned for more! 

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