Daily Archives: January 4, 2011

The Direction for 2011

Are you still wondering?

The Way is marked.  The line is straight.  There are no stopovers—no places of slowing down.  We are almost at the end now. 2010-12-31 RR Tracks2010 Connie 004

Keep your focus on the goal. 

Grab that bottle of Water and refresh your tired soul, but don’t stop.

This morning, I met a dear friend and former co-worker.  When our eyes met, I saw instant jubilation!  With much excitement, she shared the details of what God had been stirring in her heart and soul. 

Her age?  Well, she may not mind me sharing—but she is closer to 70 than 60. Over the half way mark.  Why do I tell you this?

To let you know that NO MATTER YOUR AGE…God still has a work for you to do!

You can be like another friend of mine, 11 year old Andy Smith, who with much joy, told me Sunday night at his church, that he had received a “Fire Bible” for Christmas!  He also told me how “big” it was—I know his hands will grow as his heart grows with as much fervency for the call God has placed in his heart.

So…how about it.  Do you have a direction from Him for this year?  Have you experienced all you want to experience of the Holy Spirit moving in your heart and life?

I haven’t.  Far from it.  MORE PLEASE! I shout as I hold my cupped hands toward heaven—More PLEASE!

Would you like to share what He’s doing in your life?  We would love to join you in prayer and thanksgiving about it! 

“If you look for me wholeheartedly,

              you will find me.”

                     Jeremiah 29:13 NLT