Daily Archives: January 12, 2011

Who do YOU look like?

I have heard many times that we all have a twin.

Someone that we look like or favor.  I suppose that could be true—especially since I often get called, “Aimee”.  But a few weeks ago, I attended a Women’s Ministry Christmas Tea in Panama City, Florida, and saw my daughter’s twin!not tiff

This is Anna, from New York. Not Tiffany from Bethlehem 🙂  (Where my girls –and myself grew up!)

I was so surprised when I sat looking at this precious servant of God.  Anna is serving Panama City First as a minister intern—doing anything and everything asked or required of her.  With a happy heart!


We are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) and therefore should “reflect” HIM by our attitudes and actions.  Do we?  Always?

I confess, there have been times I failed.  BUT I get up and try again.  Not content to stay in the slime of the world—but I want to be fully reflecting His love and nature.



This is Tiffany.  Formerly of Bethlehem.  Our first born daughter.  April’s sister, and Jared’s wife.  Mommy to 5 beautiful children.tiff-glasses



Do YOU SEE the resemblance between Anna and Tiffany??

I hope that when the world looks at me, and at you—they see Christ. 

In the days that will follow our time of fasting, I hope to share with you what God has done on this incredible journey to “more of HIM”.