Wake UP!

It’s 1:22 a.m.  It’s 2011.  I’m awake.

As I lay there I heard “wake up!” in my head.  Maybe in my heart.  Whichever one–it worked.  I’m awake.

We have a message to tell.  For too long we’ve sat back in our recliner’s of “do nothing” and complacency and let someone else do the telling.  Time is up on that one friend.  You are of age.  I grinned when I typed that one because some of you waited to become of age for a lot of things.  For me it was only voting.  I never was a drinker.  If any of my school friends were to read this they might laugh, but then they would agree. 

Back to the message.  I think I know why I woke up with such ferocity.  Today I join probably thousands who will embark on a “fast” for more.  More of God.  Our church calendar arrived in the mail yesterday marking the days off for a church wide fast.  However, I had decided to do this long before I knew our church was doing so.  My hunger for more of God is far from filled.  As a matter of fact, it has only just begun.  The more I get–the more His Spirit is in me–the more I want of His Word, His strength, His power, His anointing.  Whatever He has for me–I want it.  And I want it in 2011. 


We have sat too long in front of the fire of someone else and become satisfied with warming ourselves on the embers of the Spirit of God moving in them.   Get UP!

Wake UP!  We’ve been lulled to sleep by the enemy even while sitting on the church pew.  Sunday after Sunday, purely satisfied with mediocre Christianity—or religion.  Whatever you want to call it –it will not do anything for you. 

You will have no strength when you need it.  There will be no comfort of your own when life throws you a nasty curve.  YOU—WE MUST WAKE UP!  Search the Word for ourselves!  Grab the horns of the altar for OURSELVES and not depend on Sally and Susie to do our praying for us!  (I have no clue who Sally and Susie are—they were just the first names that popped in my head.)

What we are doing is wasting precious time.  If I were behind a pulpit—I might do like many ministers have done when they see a member or two—or seven nodding off to sleep.

SLAP!  (The pulpit) Heads pop up.  “What’s going on?”  Quizzical faces look up, pretending to have just “looked down” for a second.  We are not asleep.  Surely not! 

Oh but we have been.  We’ve gone to sleep and allowed the enemy to steal away the hearts of our children and fill them with desire for “things”.  More things.  More things.  Bigger toys. More More More!  They only react the way they are taught.  What is wrong with us?

I say us because I’ve found myself in the same boat at times.  A few years ago I made resolute determination to allow God to work in me, through and me and use me in whatever manner He chose.  So, blame Him if you don’t like what you are reading :).

Today—I promised I’d type what He dictated.  EVEN if it meant I lost every single reader.

Last year (I can legally say that about this particular event now), I was in a BGMC service (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge).  A passionate group of kids raising awareness of the circumstances and needs of children around the globe.100_1582  They have the right idea. 

Their preacher for the event?  An eleven year old young boy who has the call of God on his life and already knows God wants him to serve as a missionary. 

As Andy Smith shared his heart and how God reminds him, an eleven year old boy with all the normal eleven year old things on the brain to pray for others, my heart was pricked.  Deep.

Do we go to the trouble of remembering those with life’s hardships?  Do we think of those that are lost without Christ as their Savior?  What about the babies who never make it to become 11?  Those whose life has been struck out by their very carrier, who didn’t think “one time” would make a baby.  Do we remember the emotional scars they bare?  Do we turn our backs on them who, years ago made the mistake of changing the course of their own lives by taking the life of another in their hands?  They all believed a lie.  And we are guilty too right now, and every time we turn our backs on their emotional need and don’t love them into Christ.  What is wrong with us?

Oh right.  It won’t work into our schedule.

I had a friend who needed prayer several few weeks ago.  We had set the date and time, however when it came down to it, several things had happened in her life and was now bringing hindrances to her life.  She was in a state of minor panic.  I could sense it. 

I had a schedule.  I had some things I had planned to do.  An upcoming test—and a job of house sitting for my folks.  She was more than an hour away. I had my schedule down to the hour I would leave.  But she needed prayer.  I’m not saying this to pin any flower—but to make a point.

In order to help another—we MUST rearrange our schedules some times to be a blessing and benefit to them.  As it turned out, 3 other situations happened while I was there.  I had an opportunity to pray for several areas of her life and two of her family members.  I think it did more for me than it did her.  Wake UP!  Get UP! Go OUT OF YOUR WAY!

How often do we do that?  Go out of our way to help.  To bless.  To Give.  If we are doing so only when it’s convenient, well—anyone can do that.

I think…that in 2011…we will face some decisions.  Will I pray for those who need prayer –even when I have to RISE EARLY?  Will I type out that message for who knows who—even if the message might offend “another” reader?  Will I read my Bible and memorize as much of the content—EVEN WHEN IT MEANS I WON’T BE WATCHING TV?

Will I allow God to move in my life as never before –taking OUT the unnecessary clutter and replacing it with MORE of His Spirit? Oh friend.  I hope and pray so.  I really do.

When the end of my days comes, I want Him, Jesus, to throw His arms around me and proclaim, “Angie, you did everything I required of you!”  I want to lay down at night knowing that I did all He asked of me that day.  So….we start even harder today.

Last year?  Just a warm up.

Oh and the time? 2:16 a.m.  I’m done.  You can go to sleep now.  Wait.  Better yet, make an altar right where you are.

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11 responses to “Wake UP!

  • beverlylewis

    Great challenge. Fasting for More. Yes!

  • Chris

    Great post my friend~
    Wake up, yes, it's what is needed, what is required.
    Love you lots!

  • Sassy Granny ...

    The Lord is certainly summoning, waking up & equipping a people of power, isn't He? I believe 2011 will be a year like no other, with praying people the Hallmark of His summons.

    A blessed New Year!


  • LisaShaw


    Thank you for sharing your heart thoughts. I'm praying for you and your family.

    I pray a GREAT YEAR IN GOD and in Him it can't be anything other than great no matter what!

    Happy New Year!
    Blessings and love!

  • Peggy (mazmagi)

    Blessings and a blessed New Year Angie… and AMEN!!! to a very powerful post!

    AWAKE…wake up… direct from God to us…a message all of us need to hear and open our ears and eyes and hearts. Out of the comfort zones and into the war zone bringing in the lost sheep, the captives, …

    This is a profound message to the church and those not in church that have left as well… now is the time to wake up to everything you wrote. I pray that many more hear this not just read this!

    “…for it is light that makes everything visible. This is why it is said: “Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” Ephesians 5:14

    and LIVING through us and in us!

    Thanks Angie! (you deserve a blue ribbon for making it through my post to let me know that you had not forgotten about your Spanish lesson…it's OK) Thanks for the honor of reading my Seuss remake.

    Peace and joy,

  • ~*~KIMBERLY~*~

    Yes, LORD! I'm ready… Use me!

    Thank YOU G_d, for the reminder to “wake up”.

  • Denise

    Awesome post sis, love you so very much.

  • Lynn

    Oh Ang,

    Do I get this more than you think. Radical. That is what our Jesus wants. Radical followers who don't care if we lose readers or tell people what they want to hear. Radical believers who share TRUTH…

    I'm right there with you. I will only do as He says. I'm fasting this week with you too.

    Jesus be radical in my life. today, tomorrow, every minute. Amen.

  • B His Girl

    No coffee needed for this post girl!
    Makes me think of the song:
    Are you sleeping?
    Are You sleeping?
    Brother John, Brother John

    Well insert sister B instead of John. Wake up B!
    I think of the disciples asleep as Jesus was praying in the garden. They couldn't perceive the time ahead and we are no different. The words that stick out to me in this post Angie are “Go out of your way”…We are supposed to walk in HIS ways. This morning a man was talking to me about my new neighborhood in Phoenix. I told him it wasn't like the south. People aren't as friendly. He said 'People aren't going to go out of their way' to even be nice. How sad it is when we choose the wrong way…our way.
    I know God is stirring your heart for MORE. Keep your eyes open to what it is…love you. fasting for MORE also. B

  • Tiffany - Tea with Tiffany

    I too hear “wake up” at different times. I too get the passion to shake the sleeping church. So thank you for spilling out the truth in love. I love posts like this. They make me feel a little more normal. 🙂

    Preach it, sis.

    You are where He wants you. And you will be more than filled.


  • Kathy S.

    Amen Angie!

    Praying for this waking up to happen. Sometimes I think I hear the thunder in the distance like a train on the edge of town (Robin Mark~Revival)

    …Revive us O Lord! 🙂

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