What Happened With YOU in 2010?


With me—many things.  I started this morning trying to list them all on paper.

Where do I begin?  If I begin the day this picture was made in January of this year, I would tell you of the soul stirring I was feeling.

I don’t know if the stirring “shows” up on the face, but it was showing up in my spirit.  Full night’s sleep was rare.  (This feeling is back.)  I knew in my heart that changes were coming—but I was yet unsure of the details or the extremeness of the changes.

I know a post or two back I discussed changes—but I feel in my heart that God wants us to “be ready” for change at a moment’s notice. 

In February of this year, God gave me the sweetest gift imaginable!  Something I had prayed for every time the winter sky grew cloudy.  Every time.  But the timing was never right, until February of this year.

Almost two years had come and gone since the passing of my sister, Wanda.  We still had aching hearts at times, although the LORD had certainly filled our lives with His abundant love and grace. 

As Jeff and I snuggled in a cabin in North Georgia to rest and reflect of the past year, he rose early every morning as his custom and went downstairs and went before the LORD.  I stayed upstairs, not sleeping much, but praying, reading and thinking, until I knew he was finished.  It was cold.  Cloudy. Even the trees looked the part of Old Man Winter. 

On the 10th of February, the weather channel “said” snow was possible.  It flurried, but didn’t stay.  Aawww shux.  The next day was bright and sunny, and I continued to remind the LORD of my desire for snow.  We spent part of the bright sunny day out and about.  Great fun.  I cooked—we rested—read—and watched an old movie or two.

In the wee hours of the 12th of February, I woke from a dream about Wanda.  It was funny, sweet, and made me giggle as I walked downstairs before 6 to find Jeff to tell him.  When I shared the dream about Wanda, I remembered what the “date” was.  The 12th.  The day that 2 years prior she had changed her address.  From here to heaven.  Wow.  What a neat gift from GOD!

But He was far from finished!  When washing dishes after breakfast, I looked out the window at the sink and –yes!  It was snowing!  I hollered (being the country gal that I am) to Jeff and ran outside!  I think my face was permanently wreathed that morning, in a smile a mile wide!

It snowed all day long.  It stuck to the ground and I went out periodically to make sure I was not dreaming—to feel the cold flakes land on my face and soak in His presence.  As I turned in the yard, looking up at the sky and the trees that were gracefully displaying their new outfit, I laughed, cried and thanked God for such a sweet gift on THIS perfect of all days. 

The next morning as I walked down the road, still in awe of His goodness, I saw this sign.  Clearly meant for me—for this year—for this day.  A reminder from my father of the many things He had in store.Catch_the_Dream

Catch The Dream.  The significance of this sign for me at this particular time, was the book I had read just a couple of months back, “The Dream Giver”, by Bruce Wilkinson.

I had a dream.  Tucked secure.  Pondered and prayed over much. 

I saw some of my dream become a reality this year.

Through the whispers of my Father—into my heart and soul. . .through the dark eyes of children—I really didn’t know.  I asked my Father in heaven for one window seat—since I’d never flown before—and what do you suppose He did?

Gave me 4.  Four window seats so I would be sure and not miss a single gaze at all of His creation from the thousands of feet above—I saw a small piece of what He sees—when He looks below.

Honduran children

These little ones in Honduras made an impact I’ll not soon forget.  Many days they go without, their needs often times unmet.  What can I do?  I cried in prayer—as I sought a way to help.  “Just be My hands and feet today” I thought I heard Him say.

Where do we go from here?  From this spot on this earth?  This place where we have all we need and many times it overflows—I can only speak for me as to what to do.

Yesterday I started cleaning out, shortly after my devotion time.  Emptied some cabinets of the overflow, too much for just us two.  Made a call—found someone in need.  As I emptied the cabinet—I shared with a friend—“turtle girl” she is known to some—or, “B”.  (I call her Barbara.)  We texted back and forth as I emptied—with tears I told her I felt like I was being cleaned out too—from the mind, heart and soul.  It felt good when it was over.  Yes, I paused a time or two and wondered at myself—but in my prayer that day and many days before, I asked Him to GUIDE—DIRECT—TEACH me new ways to walk in Him.  I believe this was one of those new ways.

I could tell you MANY more things that has happened this year.  Jeff went to Peru.  I became “unemployed”—by choice and calling of the LORD to “prepare” for more.  Odd thing has happened.  We have lived on an income cut exactly in HALF.  Yet we have not gone hungry.  I have even spread food on the table to feed more as they came by at meal time.  Our payments have skidded in just under the wire…most of the time.  AND we both started taking Ministry Courses.  And they are NOT free. 

So, when I look back over the course and time of this year, I realize when I accepted His call—hearing His voice—listening only to HIM—He stepped in and has been exactly what He said He would be—“THERE”.  All the time.  Every Time.

Folks, I’ve got tons more to tell—but I don’t think you should sit there at your computer too much longer.  See, I took sort of a sabbatical from it myself.  I have visited rarely—but I hope my blogging friends understand.  See—there has been many occasions when I “wrote” out my post in my Oswald Chambers, “Utmost for His Highest”.  As a matter of fact—every single day has notes scribbled—or prayers.  Some of your names are there.  And some of your children’s names.  As I prayed, I wrote.  A reminder for those coming after me to remember OTHERS when praying.  So my absence was not in neglect of my Father—but instead—in more of a time of soaking.

Let’s see what 2011 brings!  I’m still going to make my list out of all my blessings from this year.  I hope to post it tomorrow. 🙂  Have a blessed –Spirit Filled—New Year!


6 thoughts on “What Happened With YOU in 2010?”

  1. Your words bless me every time I read them! You are amazing and I am so glad God has seen fit to put you in my life. I know, without doubt, who I can call when I need an ear to hear… thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being my “sista”!! You inspire me to want more from GOD. I love you so much… and, I will be calling you to do the “early” day… very soon!!! LOVE YOU MOST!!!!

  2. This brought such a smile to my face Angie. I love the way God gifts us through HIS creation like that.

    Like you, I never went without or missed a payment in the two years I was unemployed. Even now as I work for less pay than will meet my needs (on paper) God still provides all that I need and payments are still being met on time. We serve a WONDERFUL and oh so LOVING GOD!

    I pray you have the richest of blessings in the New Year!

  3. Ang,

    What an amazing sign and yes, Catch the dream…. I just finished reading the second book you sent to me and now all of my readers and myself will be fasting beginning on Sunday.

    Thank you for your mentoring and sending just the right thing at the right time by the Father. Love you so much. Hugs, Lynn

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