Daily Archives: December 11, 2010

More Christmas at Our House

Since it’s Saturday, we will overlook the clutter dropped off on the table from being gone to last night’s Christmas party!

Don’t be alarmed if Scooter jumps on you when you walk through, he is just getting to know you…very rarely does he bite.  Actually, I only know of two people he bit. 🙂

Okay! Now on to more of the Christmas decorations!

To make things a bit easier for me today, I have loaded them into a slide show.  I really hope you don’t mind.  At least this way, you can sit in one spot and won’t have to walk all over the house!  Besides, there are presents that aren’t wrapped and I don’t want you peaking and then “telling” the kids! 😉


I enjoyed having you here!!!! Let’s do this again REAL soon!

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