Weekend Reflections

What Fall Looks Like

At our house….


I’ve pulled out the orange, gold and red leaves, set out fresh pumpkin and vanilla scented candles and gave the house a breath of fresh air–all week long.

Windows thrown wide–a/c unit set in the “off” position–and let the breezes blow.

My soul needed this as much as the tired smelling house. Does yours?

As I’ve sat with my mother each morning on my patio, I’ve thought of you. Many of you. I’ve thought of Denise Walden–from “Life at My House”, having just lost her mother on the heels of losing her dad. I’ve thought of Denise Oldham, of “Shortybear’s Place”, with her failing eyesight, but never failing faith in God, Who created our eyes!

My mind wandered over Tiffany, Lynn, Joanne, Lori, Maddie, DeLaney, Barbara, Iris, Kathy, Lisa, and I have to stop right there or I’ll be in big trouble. It was incredible this week, how one email on my phone from Peggy brought me the news of Denise’s current health crisis and we all began to pray.

If you didn’t know…that was God building and using a network of believers!

He began the building of this network in March of 2007 when I first stuck my toe in blogland. Even though I’ve not been online much AT ALL since beginning my classes for ministry–You’ve all been faithfully reading whatever I have put on the screen. Which, by the way, if you didn’t notice, has been NOTHING since Jeff returned from Peru!

Actually, there are 108 more Peruvian pictures to share! I just needed him to give me a bit of explanation on them before I posted the blog–and he just hasn’t had time yet.

Where did the summer go?

We will back-track a bit in a few days.

For now, I’m working on the last details of our Sister’s Retreat. I feel the LORD working mightly. I’ve had my ear and heart to the Word for weeks now–and He doesn’t disappoint in letting me know His heart.

So, if you can pardon my absence just a few more days. . . .

Have a blessed Sunday.

Continue to pray for Denise Walden in this time of grieving–and Denise Oldham–as they face this crisis with her eyesight and Eddie’s dad. They will all appreciate your prayers.

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4 thoughts on “What Fall Looks Like”

  1. Angie,

    You are a heavenly scent here online. I smell His sweet love on you. Go and be a fragrance to all those precious sisters this weekend.

    Thank you for praying for so many. Thank you for thinking of me and the other sisters whom I love. I can't wait to hear your voice again. I'm not sure when I can catch up on all of the bloggers I love.

    Please know you are loved and covered in believing prayer.

    love u

  2. Blessings Angie… The FALL looks scrumptious and so beautiful!!!
    Looking doesn't count!

    But the best part is how your words WARM my heart as you make preparations for the annual retreat of sisters and all their love poured out from Our Father up above… as we gather together as one…united in prayer for one another!!! That's when all this matters!

    Looking forward to more from Peru & Jeff (lol) as soon as the big event is behind you and then I'll expect to see much of that… Sisters in Christ seeking Him, building each other up and increasing faith, hope & love; the best seeds and harvest of this season!

    Peace, love & prayers,
    Hasta la vista… adios y a Dios!

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