This Bears Repeating: Call Home

When I’m away from home and away from Jeff, I call home a time or two. It’s not that I’m already homesick, or that I don’t really want to leave home , but that I miss home. I miss him.

I remember when I snapped this picture of Wanda on the morning we were headed back home from our “Sisters Retreat 2007”.

I had walked outside to take some pictures of the cabin in the morning light and Wanda was standing there “calling home”. She searched for the spot with the best reception and then called her baby girl. She needed to hear her voice. Her baby girl needed to hear her mommy’s voice as well.

I think about us. As children of the Most High God, How often do we “call home”? Do we seek out the place with the best reception?

When crisis arise in our lives, is there a hesitation before we seek Him?

Are we wondering if we’ve neglected communication for too long? Wondering if His address has changed?

It hasn’t. He didn’t move, nor did He rearrange the furniture and turn your bedroom into an exercise room. It’s still just as you left it. Perhaps a few cobwebs have gathered in your prayer closet, but I promise it is still there.

Today, while the thought is still fresh, go there. Before a crisis comes. Keep the communication lines open—call home daily.

“Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”. Jeremiah 33:3 NKJV

I imagine He’s waiting for your call today….

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5 responses to “This Bears Repeating: Call Home

  • Peggy

    Blessings Angie… already been there and in fact since Friday, spending many days in my closet for quite a many years now… Some of us have that privilege but you're right & your words are so true… He's waiting! I have been waiting also so I totally get this one… beautiful message and way of wording this.

    I think I've used up all my phone time… or my battery's dead. But
    I'm recharging!

    I so love your heart. And the special place you hold for Wanda.
    (and others) Really enjoyed this and your sweet sense of humor and timeliness. Thanks.

    Don't forget to call home in all the “busy-ness”. I know you won't or don't… God bless!

  • Linda

    This is beautiful Angie. It touches my heart with the truth and wisdom of it. It hurts to think of the Father waiting. How He love us.
    I feel bad for having lost touch with you. Life has a way of making us too busy. You always, always bless and encourage. Love you Angie.

  • Donetta

    ring ring
    Oh the Sweet presence of His voice.

  • Denise

    Amen sis, amen. I love you.

  • Michele Williams

    Isn't it so wonderful to know He does not have voice mail, busy number or unlisted number. He always answers. Thank you for the encouragement.

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