The LOVE of Your SPONSOR (Cafe` Devotion)

Erwin. Pray for him today.

The morning started early. I was awake before 4am. Thinking, praying, wondering what the day would bring.

Little did I know before my feet hit the floor of the life changes that would take place in all of us “first timers” today.

First time on a mission trip.

I wasn’t prepared for the tears that burned–and spilled. My husband, Jeff has been on a few missions trips—but he never warned me about the feeling you get when you look in the eyes of a child and want to help, but realize your limitations.

For the REST of this story–head over to the Cafe`.  I’m sitting there waiting on you–I’ve got a cup already poured and your chair is pulled out! Waiting on YOU!  I can’t wait to see you!  There’s a special message

from my heart to yours!

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