Lima, Peru Bound!

A team of 15 men joined hands and hearts this morning.
On a mission to build a church in a small suburb of Lima, Peru.

Building with their hands, building for His heart.  I wish you could have stood beside me and heard the rumble of the voices calling on God for the “crooked paths to be made straight”.  It was an awesome sound.

Teams from two churches, plus my husband, Jeff (through the assistance of a few special friends and family*), are spending a week laboriously laying bricks. (I hope they packed some “ibuprofen”.) Some have experience, some are going to “learn”.

Missions Pastor, Jerry Moore, is leading the group of diligent workers to make a difference for others to worship the LORD.

These guys will appreciate your prayers for the next several days as they pour all they have into what God has placed before them to do! So often we can’t think outside our own four walls. But God has placed a call on the hearts of some to go “beyond” what they see everyday.

YES, we should make a difference where we are–with all that we can–but if God puts it on your heart to “go”, then you should do just that! Don’t stop until you’ve done all you can for our God who gave ALL He had! If you are seeing things in your area that needs attention–then get busy! God has placed that vision before you for a reason.

What are “you” and “me” doing about what WE see? Are we going to just “talk about it”? Or–are we going to put some actions behind our feelings and words…

I’m just thinking out loud….

Thank you guys for going as the hands and feet of Christ! Thank you for going beyond your four walls–into what God has called you to do!

You can tell God has birthed a Mission-Minded heart inside of me in the past several months….and it all began 2 years ago. More on that another day.

I will be keeping up with this bunch to keep you informed of what is going on with them! Stay tuned!

OH, almost forgot…for our “October Retreat Ladies”….we are gonna have a BLAST! If you ever read one of the posts on our “Sister’s Retreats” and wished you could go….I pray that you experience all that we have and MORE! I look forward to hugging your neck!

* A HUGE thank you to all our special family/friends who helped out with Jeff’s sponsorship for this trip!  We are so grateful!  Through your generous hearts, you send–and in essence, you are going as well!  Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!  We love you all!

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