Summer Fun!

Friday is almost here….Camp Nana is coming to a close….
(do you know–that under stress of camp life..the hormones get WORSE??)
If you live close enough,
you just might hear us
shout for JOY!
(Now, for those of you who know us, you KNOW we are kidding…
and if you don’t know–these little boys are the sweetest gifts this side of heaven. 
Most days.)

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5 thoughts on “Summer Fun!”

  1. God is so brilliant….it is why He gives us our children when we are young and our grandkids last…so we can send them home when we are tooooo tired!!!! But I know (from one nana's heart to another) you wouldn't trade it all for anything!! Just pray, Lord give me strength to enjoy these blessings!!! It works for me!

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