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On my morning walks. . . .

Have you ever just “asked” God to show you something neat?
Do you ask expecting? (Luke 11:9)

When I first began walking with my friend and sister-in-Christ, Stacy, I asked God to show me “stuff”.

I asked Him to bring surprises to my eyes that would delight me.

Guess what happened on the 2nd day of walking? The day that we decided to go a bit further.

As we put forth more effort that day, so did He. Since I generally always have my camera
God’s creation posed for me to snap his feathered delights!

Today we met up with our feathered-noisy friend and again, he did a bit of strutting and showing off.
I am incredibly thankful for ALL the glorious things that God shows us and shares with us each day!

So friend….what is He showing you??

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Do you realize your value?

Even though it is easy—so very easy to get caught up in seeking approval and validation from man—we love that pat on the back—that “attagirl”. But it does not always come. However, God sees.


In the middle of March, my husband, Jeff and I participated…..

For the REST of the story, you will have to visit Laced with GRACE!

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Just A Quick Question

What if….this was your last birthday? 
What if….this was your last Mother’s Day?  Your last Father’s Day?
Your last Easter? 
What if your last Christmas was last Christmas?

Are you ready? 

To meet Jesus? 

Have you taken stock of the last 10 years of your life?  What about the last 10 months.  The last 10 weeks.  Maybe the last 10 minutes contain things that needs the Blood covering of Jesus Christ.

Watch this video–and may God in heaven move your heart and change your life.  May He reveal once and for all–His divine love and care for YOU.

The Story of Zac Smith from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

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This post will remain the TOP post for the remainder of the week.  THE perfect Mother’s Day Gift!  My friend Elaine–the first one I ran into at She Speaks in 2008 and sat beside in the first class—and knew and loved from the beginning!  What an honor to share with you her gift—of writing—and sharing —JESUS. 

I encourage you—GET this book.  I am going to for myself!  Get it for your mom!  Get it for your sister!

Peace—for YOUR journey.  Visit Elaine at ““.  She is having a giveaway of the new book!

What an adventure!

And as a note to all the mother’s out there….Happy Mothers Day!  After that little one was placed in your arms–whether from the prayers–sweat and tears of labor and childbirth–or through the prayers– sweat and tears of adoption–you have never been the same since that day! 

As mother’s we have been given the most glorious assignments on earth–MOTHERING.  As we keep our hearts and minds in tune with HIS–we can do the sweetest, hardest, most rewarding–most loved–sometimes most daunting task of our lives—raising godly children.  I pray your days is filled with His goodness!

I will chat with you next week! 🙂

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From the topside, it was unnoticed. I grabbed them-having not worn them in a few years-glad to have remembered that I had them….
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