Adversity and Destiny

To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God. Revelation 2:7 (NIV)

Have you been side swiped by adversity? I don’t mean in a car. I mean in your heart—your life. Something that has stumped your toe–tripped you up.

A storm in your life that may have caused you to run for cover. Only maybe you didn’t run for the right Cover.

Think about it for a minute.

What about Job? You know, Job in the Bible. The one who had it all and lost it all… but by the mercy and grace of God, had it all and then some—again!

And what about Joseph. Sold by his brothers into slavery. They thought they’d never see him again. Little did they know—Joseph had a destiny–and God used the adversity in Joseph’s life to usher in the destiny– for the well being of his family.

Okay, those are some men, what about Naomi? She lost her husband and her sons. What did she have? Adversity with a capital “A”. But she also had a daughter-in-law that vowed to never leave her side. And God had a plan.

Okay, if those aren’t enough, think about Esther.  She lost her mom and dad—maybe at the same time, maybe close together—the point is—she lost them both. And being raised by her uncle…well, I call that some adversity. But she also had a destiny. Designed by the Master Designer Himself!

We can go on and on here!

Have you ever considered that the very adversity surrounding you— may be shaping your life for your destiny? Or, consider that it could be shaping someone else’s destiny.

I know. It’s hard to imagine that losing a job would play any part at all into shaping up your destiny. But I remember a time when Jeff lost his job. Many years ago when our daughters were very young, Jeff was “let go”.

Sound familiar? Well, let’s just say he had principles and the boss did not. He wanted Jeff to lie –deceive a fellow employee. He wanted Jeff to do some “dirty work” for him. And Jeff refused. In a nice way of course. But…that ended that.

It also ended our income.

I remember distinctly going into the closet in April’s room. She was the baby—and had the most space in her closet. I didn’t need much space—for I only stood and pounded the wall —and asked God “why”?

“Why now Lord? Don’t you see? We’ll have no food! What if we get sick? We won’t be able to pay our bills!”

We were Christians. We believed God “could” meet the needs…we just never had to “depend” solely on Him for them. Little did we know that God had a plan.

Looking back at that time, I can’t really tell you what we did next–besides pray. I know we prayed. God not only supplied one job, but He supplied two. Two part-time jobs and then soon, very soon, a full time job opened up and Jeff walked in.

As Jeff settled into the new job, he made some friends. One friend, a young black man, was very nice to Jeff and they began to talk daily about the difference in Jeff’s life over some of the others that were there. It was not long before Jeff was leading this young man into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Not many months after that, we attended our first A.M.E. Church service as that very same young man preached his first sermon! How glad we were to be a part of that day!

Through our adversity, God brought about this man’s destiny.

Care to give God what’s troubling you?

I assure you He can handle the adversity going on in your life right now. Rest in His care. He’s assembling all the pieces into your destiny.

And might I say….what a picture it makes!


 (Don’t forget about the RETREAT!
Read about it at Sisters of Faith!)

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