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The New Year!

The dishwasher is playing it’s song.

Only a couple of lights are still burning. And my fingers itch to share all that God has done for me this year.

If you had told me last year—that I would lead and host a retreat for women from (almost) all over—I would have laughed in your face! Yet, it happened.

The States represented? Ohio, Colorado, California, Arizona, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and FLORIDA! (Oh, I hope I didn’t leave someone out!)

These women were hand selected by God–for a purpose! Many will see and know the whys and what’s in 2010!

It all started while on vacation in the sweet mountains of North Georgia in February of this year. I met several sweet blogging sisters (Lori, Julie and Marsha), and it began to build in my heart until I could think of nothing else than getting as many as would come, to meet, learn, grow and worship God together!

Words cannot describe all the miracles we saw leading up to that event! We had the best team of leaders! My sister, Aimee, Susan Baldwin, and Marsha Harwood. PLUS each speaker blessed our socks off with their messages of encouragement and inspiration! My niece, Becky Knight was anointed by the LORD in leading us to worship each time.

Was it tough? YOU BET!

Did the enemy fight us? OH YES!

BUT did GOD WIN??? It was an out of the park hit!

I have never worked harder, but been more rewarded, than for those few days of love, worship and fellowship with sisters of like faith. God was awesome…..and guess what?

There will be another retreat….this October. “Sisters of Faith–To the Ends of the Earth”! (More on that later–but mark your calendar October 8-9, 2010, Marianna, Florida)

What is God up to? Building His army of warriors–encouraging others–and leading those to Jesus Christ who don’t know Him! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the daily battles are so much more fierce than they were even 10 years ago! This is not a time to grow complacent in your daily living!

*We had a new niece this year, “Keira Melanie”, born to my brother and his wife as they diligently serve our country while stationed in Japan. We love and miss them so much!

*Both of our daughters started their own blogs this year. April is “Called 2 Worship” and Tiffany is “My Shoe Full Life“.

*I have been blessed in amazing ways through the Word of God–through things He has shown me—especially in the past few weeks! I will share more on that later.

Let me leave you with just a short word from the Word. Thank you to Lisa Shaw for sharing this Word with me! It has greatly affected my life. (The days I failed to read it—were noticable!)

Psalm 33:18-22 (read the WHOLE chapter aloud–you have no idea how it will bless your DAY)

“But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear Him, on those whose hope is in His unfailing love, to deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine. We wait in hope for the LORD; He is our help and our shield. In Him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in His holy name. May Your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in You.”

I cannot tell you what will happen in the next few months…but this I know. HE is preparing a people. He will use those who are willing. Willing. My education level is not on His mind. My ability as a speaker or writer is not on His mind. My willing heart is.

On Facebook tonight, I shared a small passage from a book by Lysa Terkeurst. “We can’t go ahead with God to new and exciting places if we’re spending too much time looking back. We must leave our past behind, draw a line in the sand, and determine to proceed forward with God. As a matter of fact, every time God calls His servants to go to new heights with Him they have to go through a leaving process first.” (from the book, “What Happens When Women Walk in Faith”)

The line in my life—is drawn. My feet are set. Feather in hand (The Dream Giver, by Bruce Wilkinson–read it!), and I am laying things aside as He directs me. Much has already been laid aside…but more is to come. My heart-faith and trust is in Him alone.

I’m not making any New Year’s Resolution–Jeff either–he says they never stick. But what I can say is, I will be following closer—and working harder to do MORE in the coming year—until He calls me home. Home.

My plans are to write MORE…Share more–and when He directs me to GO—I will. What He directs me to SAY….I will…This year, 2010, will be a year MORE focused on Jesus Christ–and less on me.

From our family to yours, Happy~and Blessed New Year! May you see GOD MORE in your life as you seek Him with all your heart!

What are YOU seeking HIM for this New Year?

Following Him,


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Brothers helping a brother

The picture speaks for itself. (Click on it to enlarge the photos.)

Our Church has a Tuesday Morning Men’s Prayer Group called, “Band of Brothers”.

At the Christmas gathering a couple of weeks ago, the men shared what God had done in their lives since they had become involved in daily prayer and Bible reading-joining forces with some other men from the church. This band consists of about 15-19 men. Strong forces. Battling the enemy on a daily basis for one another–as well as for their own families.

I believe every man spoke up to share. I can’t recall one who didn’t. Then the women were given a chance to share as well. Most did. I was holding back. For two very good reasons.

1) I have had a hard time talking without crying throughout the Thanksgiving-Christmas Season (no matter what the subject was); and

2) I am blessed with a mighty good man. Mighty good. If I started sharing all the good things I’ve seen in my man, they would think I was, (a) bragging, or (b) full of bull. I shared only a tiny bit. And yes. I did cry. It was disgusting.

Recently one of the members of the prayer group underwent eye surgery. He is a “real” cowboy. (The two pictured with him are actors.) After the surgery he would be unable to perform his farm/ranch/cowboy duties. Jeff and Guy joined forces to help.

Jeff has enjoyed the daily job of helping out–being a former farm boy himself, he knew the ropes. They had some comedy relief throughout their adventure. (I so wish I could have hidden behind one of the many bales of hay!)

I think a time or two someone got stuck in the mud-poo?? They may have come home smelly — but God was glorified as they worked to help another!

Thank you Joy (Buddy’s wife), for snapping these great pictures! At least we know they did work that one day!

Have you someone in your life that could use some help? Maybe a little encouragement?

As the New Year dawns–let us draw near to the heart of God asking for His guidance in our daily lives–in every detail–may He direct our steps to help another soul along this journey.


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Listening, Waiting and Praying

As I have been seeking the Lord these past few weeks I have felt a churning as never before in my spirit.

Change is on the horizon.

What kind? I’m not exactly sure.

All I know right now is be ready.

I have a quote on a sticky note that I see frequently, “Change comes only when someone moves”. That someone is my Someone. My Father. He’s moving and working. But in order for me to adequately hear Him, I must be still. A dear friend/sister reminded me of that today.

So from today, until the end of this year I will be still.

No activity on Facebook, nor blogville.

Time for prayer and listening for the footsteps of my heavenly Father. I intend to follow Him.

If you would like to read some “oldies”, go to my archive button on the sidebar and click it and select a month. I hope you are fed when you read…and I hope you come back again and again.

I look forward to sharing with you what God is up to in my life when this is over…wait, it’s not over until He calls us home!

When you pray, would you pray for me? Actually, pray for both Jeff and myself. God is working in both of our hearts. Let’s see what He does! I am so excited!

Our soul waits for the LORD; He is our help and our shield. Psalm 33:20

Following Him wherever He leads,


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A Christmas Blessing in Daily Living

Tonight we shared a special time at the home of our Women’s Ministry Leader, Susan Baldwin. She opened her heart and home to 24 precious ladies and we enjoyed the food, fun and fellowship!

We also enjoyed God’s blessings. Our sisterly love toward one another is one of God’s sweetest blessings. More later on the blessings of sisters.

Take a moment and listen to this song. Give HIM what He most desires from YOU!

Psalm 37:4 gives us the instructions for our daily living. There is a job to do for each of us.

Daily. Live for Him. Not for us. No self seeking.

The time to stand for Christ and be counted is here—no holding back—it is time to do ALL you can—time for me to do ALL I CAN for Christ Jesus.

I’m seeking and looking. What about you? Are you living for Him? Doing all you know to do? Is His Word fresh on your lips? Embeded into your heart? Pouring forth like a fountain?

You know what to do….seek Him. You will find Him. You will have far more than just a Christmas blessing…it will be a daily blessing pouring through your life!

God bless you all for stopping by tonight! (Or today–whatever it may be for you!)


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Have a super blessed week—a devotion is coming up!


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A Visit With Connie!

Connie Haile is a walking talking miracle.

She has been the sweetest, most incredible blessing in my recent years. By way of pictures (when you click on the collage) you can enjoy a few minutes at her house. She will welcome you with a big bright smile, open arms, a cup of coffee and and encouraging Word from God.

I love Saturday mornings at Connie’s.

Thank you Connie, for being a godly example of what a true Christ follower should act like…talk like…and pray like. I love you dearly my sweet friend!


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"Eyewitness" — A Book Review and GIVEAWAY!

Eyewitness: The Life of Christ Told in One Story
by Frank Ball (WinePress Publishing)

Eyewitness reaches people who seldom go to church or read their Bibles.

Of the millions of Americans who don’t go to church, 56 percent consider themselves Christian. If they knew what Jesus said and did, they would know the importance of networking and reaching out to help others. While Bibles sit on coffee tables and bookshelves at home, gathering dust, people pick up Eyewitness and don’t want to put it down. Not only does it use language that is easily understood, it pulls readers into the story, almost like walking with Jesus in the first century.

The Bible has sold more copies than any other book and continues to sell year after year. Continuing in its footsteps is the Eyewitness series written for the average person.

Flash back to first century AD. One man appeared who shook up the world. Four men testified to what they saw and heard. The details of Jesus life were recorded by four of his closest followers. Each account is written from a different perspective and only one of the four tells the events in chronological order. Therefore, for centuries, the accounts have been told in out-of-sequence fragments.

Eyewitness compiles the information from the Gospels and hundreds of other Bible verses into one chronological story laid out like a story without reference or verse. The result is a seamless combination of the four gospel books that will appeal to customers across the board, even those who would not normally purchase a Bible.


Frank Ball was the Pastor of Biblical Research and Writing at Anchor Church in Keller, Texas, for three years. After thirty years of research and teaching the life of Christ, he began a twelve-year project to analyze every gospel story about Christ and put the events into chronological order. Ball meticulously considered almost twenty resources, including the Greek and Hebrew texts, the opinions of other Bible writers, and different translations, to make sure his translation was correct. Using the gospel of John as the chronological backbone, he determined an appropriate time setting for every event.

Ball believes there is no greater role model than Jesus. The better we know him, the more we can be like him. “It’s impossible,” he says, “to love someone you don’t know. The Scripture arranged in this easy-to-understand order helps us to know Jesus. It allows us to be more of an ‘eyewitness’ to the events of Christ’s life, and in doing so, to be more like him.”

Ball has always been a great student, especially in math and the sciences, but hated English. He excelled in high school; however, because his family was impoverished, he was unable to attend college. After high school he took a menial job that supported his parents and siblings. In 1968 he married Kay and they had three sons. Kay passed away in 2005. Ball currently lives with his family in Fort Worth, Texas.

When personal computers became available, Ball embraced systems analysis and business administration. He devoured reading material on the high-tech industry and was a successful business executive until he made a commitment to full-time ministry in 2002.

In 1995, despite his dislike of English, Ball believed God was redirecting his life, and he devoted himself to writing—which has, ironically, become his passion. Knowing the challenges he faced without a secondary education, Ball became self-taught by voraciously reading books as if they were college texts. He studied as if he were preparing for tests.

Ball says that this project wasn’t his idea at all. He just had an unexplainable desire to do this chronology, and along the way he realized that God had a plan. Using his Eyewitness Stories version of the Gospels as a foundation, Ball assembled the gospel information, as well as more than two hundred other Bible verses from the Old and New Testaments, to create what he believes is the accurate order of events. Ball believes the combined stories resolve some of the discrepancies that some say exist in the Gospels.

To contact Frank Ball about speaking for your men’s group or your church, click here.


If you read all the way down, congratulations! You qualify to enter to WIN this book!

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