The Retreat

I know I’ve bombarded you already with a slide show…

But this one goes beyond the cute.

This one shares the heart of the retreat.

I have to say God has a great variety of girls. From all walks of life. All colors of skin. All with the same heart condition before we met Him.

And then…we meet HIM. The One who gave all, IS all, and loves us all! I have a few favorite pictures…I bet you can guess which ones when you see them. Get your kleenex. If you were here with us, these sweet reminders will cause the flood to begin …. AGAIN. (That’s for my sister, Lisa)

I have lots of emotion that surfaces when I watch this slide show. Every single time. While I didn’t know what to expect, God did. He knew WHO was coming because He selected them.

There is a message in one of the messages from Joanne Kraft. I hope to share it before she does (*wink*).

If you get a chance, visit everyone you can that was blessed at the retreat. I know that I came to pour out on others…but I must say…it was poured out on me.

My dear sweet Marsha, Susan and Aimee are the best team to work with! God placed our lives together in such a way, each with our own gifting (still working on figuring mine out), but if you enjoyed the food, it was because Aimee and Mother are the best cooks!

On Saturday, we catered lunch in from a marvelous pair of Sisters, Gail and Linda. Thank you girls for that sumptuous meal!

The “Shopping District” was filled with goodies of almost all kinds. AND it was CHEAP!

Susan is Ms. Jewelry Creator Extraordinaire. Marsha had the BEST information on babies . . . growth . . . physical and spiritual! (Marsha, I have ENJOYED my book! I looked up stuff last night! Very good!!) Joy Lord has some of the most beautiful photography cards of the local sights, sunsets, beach scenes, animals, etc. You might even be lucky enough to one day find one in your mailbox!

I cannot express how grateful I am for all that God did. There are many stories that will come out of this…one important thing I want you to know today.

If God whispers something in your heart, something that seems impossible, or perhaps might even seem ridiculous to the average person, but you KNOW in your heart, if obeyed could change someone’s life, especially yours, Do it. (Sorry, Tiff-I know that was a way too long sentence!)

Do whatever it takes on your part to fulfill what God has called you to do. No matter what it costs you, I promise, you will not be sorry. You will bubble over with the unexpected joy that will pour forth! Your tired bones will be REVIVED!

Well, for now, I’d better close. I am out of kleenex.

I will write more later—I have a special message to share.

I love you all.



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