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Victorious Living – A Sister’s Story – Connie Haile

My name is Connie Haile. I became a Christian when I was 21. At 21 I had been married, divorced, and married again and going to have a child with my second husband…who is wonderful by the way.
I just played church for three years then the devil became to play with my mind….long story short I was very fearful of being sick. It just came out of the blue . I had never battled with anything like that before. I didn’t know the Word or the power of His name. I just got worse and worse….I would sit in the yard with my little girl everyday after Mike went to work.
The Lord one day sent me someone that knew the power of God’s word…..she and two other wonderful people who just took me under their wing and taught me how to stand on the word and not be moved by what I was feeling or hearing from the devil.
That was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do. Back then we didn’t know about panic attacks or pills that would help. So, it was just me and my Precious Heavenly Father. It was a long hard battle but I never crumbled….I didn’t want to be this way and if God said he would do it ….I took him at his word.
Praise Jesus I am set free from the spirit of fear! People often say that there is no way that I don’t have bad, blue days…..but I stand with great confidence that no I don’t have blue days……why, because I make a choice to walk in His Joy everyday of my life…I can’t afford to open the door to fear…the lack of joy is fear….no thank you, been there done that and don’t ever want to go back.

So then when my youngest was 2 and my oldest was 5 my husband decided that he didn’t love me anymore and wanted a divorce. Talk about a shocker!

I had been telling a friend whose husband had left her, that God would bring him back, she just needed to stand on the word…..I shared scripture with her all of the time…four months to be exact almost everyday.
This one particular day we were sitting in my drive way and I was giving her my daily speech about the power of God’s word and if she would just stand, Jim would come home. She looked at me funny.
I said to her, “I know you are thinking, how do you know, you have never been in my shoes.” She said that was exactly right. I got out of the car and went inside and it wasn’t long when Mike came home to deliver the news. He began to tell me how he didn’t love me anymore and that he was going to move out. I just stood there and then I told him I had to leave but would be back. I called my friend and she came and picked me up to take me to my spiritual parents house. We prayed for several hours.
I just knew when I got home everything was going to be fine. But I was wrong . He was sitting on the couch with all of his stuff waiting to go. Needless to say, he left.
What was I going to do? I had to do what I had been telling Susan. For months I had told her about the power of God’s word…..I couldn’t back up now…so I did exactly what I preached to her about.
Mike would call me, sometimes everyday telling me he didn’t love me anymore………….this went on for 9 months. I just stood firm on His word. Sometimes several times a day I would say, Thank you Father that Mike loves me as Christ loves the church.
God honored his word above his name. It was a true test of my faith and sometimes things in the natural looked really dark, but God’s Word always changed things for my good. I had to learn a lot about myself and change a lot of things about myself…it wasn’t just about Mike leaving, it was about how the Lord wanted me to change some of the dumb things I did as a wife.
Mike came home and told me that he did everything in his power to stop loving me but the harder he tried the more he loved me. The Lord reminded me how I stood on the scripture. “Mike loves me as Christ loves the church.”
The more I stood on that scripture the more Mike loved me. God’s word never fails.
That was 27 seven years ago and Mike and I have been married 34 years.

Then March of last year I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. It was in my lungs and several other places. I told the first doctor that I was healed in Jesus name and he told me that it was my faith that had kept me alive this long. The doctors in Dothan told Mike I only had 3 to 6 weeks to live.

It was decided that I go to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fl. So off we went….I was on oxygen and in a wheelchair. We met the doctor and she quickly told me that she wanted to do chemo. I told her that I was healed in Jesus name and she turned around and told me that only God could heal me. The chemo was only going to control and comfort me. Healing was not in the equation.
I told her to just hide and watch! She ordered scans of all sorts. We got the results back and she told us that there was cancer in several places. She wanted to start chemo immediately but I told her that I wanted to go home and spend time with my family. I also told her that I would do chemo only if they could promise me that I would not throw up. I told them I didn’t not want to do that everyday. They promised that would not happen as long as I take the medicine they gave me. They honored their word because I never got sick or felt bad. God is so faithful.

I began to listen to healing cd’s 24/7, and I quoted healing scriptures all the time. I guarded myself from negative people. Couldn’t afford to hear anything negative. I stayed guarded.

The word says to be careful what you hear and that is what I did. The devil was out to kill me and I was not going to give him the pleasure of taking me out…..I was going to put a good fight of faith.
I had 8 rounds of chemo….my blood levels never went below normal. My blood platelets never went below normal either. The doctor was so amazed with my blood. Everyday I would say out loud so that every demon from hell could hear it, “Thank you Father, that your blood flows thru my veins bringing healing and health to all of my flesh.” He honored His word above His name.

The second set of scans showed that all the tumors had shrunk 50%. My doctor was so excited and so was everybody in the clinic. That was the first miracle….When I finished chemo I had more scans made. The results came back and the cancer in my brain, liver and bones was gone! The tumor in my breast was a 10 and had shrunk to a 1.5! We were so excited and she was amazed…..remember she said that healing was not in the equation. Of course, she says that I responded so well to chemo….I would tell her.. no I am healed in Jesus name. She would just look at me.

Next and last step was 7 weeks of radiation. I lived with my son and his wife for that time in Tampa. That was a real test of faith,— not living with them, but what radiation had to offer. But because of the power of God’s word working in me…..I made it. Going through radiation brought me to another level of bringing my thoughts captive. I would lay on that table and because of some of the procedures it was very painful and lengthy. It is times like these that one must bring their thoughts captive or the pain and just crazy thoughts would take you to a place of fear. It was a battle sometimes but the Lord always carried me through.
That 7 weeks was such a wonderful time of ministry. Everyday there was someone to pray for or just give a smile. The power of a smile should never be under estimated. There is healing power in a smile…I saw that everyday.
When you are wondering what can I do for someone in a situation like that ..….give them a smile.

The end of December I had more scans and Praise the Lord, my doctor stood amazed at the results. She said that she never dreamed they would be like this……healed and whole. God is so faithful to his word no matter what the battle is. The devil is a liar and he will do all he can to get you to listen to his lies and turn from the word of God. No matter what the battle is Jesus is still the same…..He promises that He will never leave us or forsake us. His Word has 365 “fear not’s”…that is one for each day. How sweet is He to make sure we will have a promise for everyday so we won’t be afraid. He has made provision for us for everything we are going through.

I would not be here today if it weren’t for Him and the power of His word! So whatever it is you are facing….get the Word, find the scripture you need, and hold on to it! Speak it out of your mouth until it becomes life within you and makes its home in your heart! For out of the abundance of your heart your mouth speaks….stand strong….
He is your refuge, your fortress, and the God in whom we trust. His joy is our strength. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us to quicken our mortal body. Glory to God and the promises go on and on!
Thank you Connie! There is power in her words! The power comes from the Holy Spirit that lives within her!
We want this blog to be a place where you can come and find hope for your situtation! The BIBLE is the key—to unlock the heart of God for your life! YOUR situation! As Connie said, stand on His Word. HE never fails!

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  1. SO AMAZING to read Connie's story! I have known her for a few years now but didn't know all of this! What an amazing woman of God – I will miss her faithful outcries on behalf of our Heavenly Father but I know she is home now 🙂

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