Children are an inheritance from the LORD

Craziest notion that I had when we were “raising our girls”…was that one day we’d be done. Well, I had that notion…maybe ‘ole Jeff was smarter. It started out before they could talk.

“I wish you could just please tell me what you are crying for.”

Then years later, “For Pete’s sake…would you PLEASE stop telling me that! I’ve heard “I want” until I’m blue in the face!”

Well, maybe you had perfect kids. We, on the other hand, did not. They made mistakes. Just like Jeff and I did.

But I will tell you this truth. Our children are and have always been, even through the heartache, the ultimate blessing from God. Although there were times I thought I was cursed…I knew in my heart they were here for us to love—and to teach us life. And about God’s love for us.—Through them, I learned MUCH about God’s love and forgiveness.

And even having gone through the heartaches that the teen years brought, to have the girls we have—and the terrific grandkids we are blessed with….I’d do it all again. (Hopefully, I’d be a lot smarter though.)

What have your children taught you?


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6 responses to “Children are an inheritance from the LORD

  • Marsha

    That the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Or is that the nut? Well, maybe sometimes. Either way, it’s true.Great truth spoken here.

  • Denise

    Such a beautiful post sweetie, love you.

  • Karen

    My children have given me glimpses of God’s unconditional love and wonderful mercy. They taught me about having total trust with no room left for worry. I can also imagine the hurt my Father feels when I do things that break His heart and the overflowing joy He feels when I am obedient and worship Him. I like this quote:<>“Children in a FAMILY are like flowers in a bouquet: there’s always one determined to face in an opposite direction from the way the arranger desires. ~Marcelene Cox” <>

  • DeeDee

    you are sooooo right… we learn so much from them and by the journey of raising them 🙂 and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I too would probably do some things different (but wouldn’t we always do that)… Sweet post.And thanks for your prayers for my son as he deploys againThat is a blessing to me (and him)Blessings

  • Serendipity

    I’m not a parent so I can’t really comment about that. Would taking care of a dog counts? LOL! I can’t deny that I’ve learned quite a lot from my dog. Sorry, off topic LOL!Is Max still trying to chew off your pantlegs? It’s just a puppy phase. Maybe you can try telling him a firm “no” when he does that.

  • Mary

    I was a much better parent before I had my girls! They’ve taught me that I’m not as smart as I thought and that without God I can do NOTHING!!!Particularly not this parenting thing.

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