Day Sixty-Four

Read Matthew 18:1-9

After I read the scripture for today, I thought about all the choices people make. Some choices can hurt us, some can help us, or some can hinder us. I don’t want to ever cause someone to stumble because of my actions.

The choices we make today does affect those around us. One day, my husband, two children, and myself were out on the boat fishing. My husband talking to the kids, took a rock and threw it in the water and said, “Did you see that rock go in the water, and all the waves and ripples it made in the water? Well, I had control of the rock going into the water, but I could not control the ripples and where they would go and how far out they might reach. That is just like the choices we make, we never know who it might affect, so, we must be wise in our decisions.” I thought about that illustration a lot, it had a good message. Later on, when my son was going out one night, his dad handed him a rock and said, “Son put this in your pocket as a reminder of making wise choices.” A few days later, my husband asked our son if he still had the rock, and he said, “No, I gave it to a friend that had a big decision to make.”

Children, have such a special place in the heart of God. They have the purest praises to Him. It hurts my heart to think of children being abused. I could never work for the DCF (Dept. of Children and Families) or HRS, because I’m afraid I would get so angry at people that abuse their children and want them locked-up immediately, and I would want to bring the children all home with me and love them! I’ve always thought that’s what vs. 6 was talking about. It seemed to me, God didn’t have alot of patience with child abusers either.

People often try to blame their sin on someone and past experiences. “My momma spanked me too much, I didn’t have a father at home, or my parents never told me they loved me, so that’s why I did what I did.” Lots of excuses for their sin. But the bottom line is they took the bait satan set for them. Beth talked about the “trapper and being trapped” and how all the blame shouldn’t be on the “trapper,” because when we take the bait from satan, “we are still responsible for: 1.) Repenting of the sin of taking the bait. 2.) Learning why we took the bait. 3.) Asking God to mend and fortify the weak places in the fabric of our heart, soul, and mind so we will not continue life as a victim.”

Vs. 8&9 talk about getting rid of the things in our life that might cause us to stumble or keep us from living the life God rewards. I once heard it said, “if it takes it, ride the altar all the way to Glory.” In other words, “keep praying”. If it means going to Him daily with the same circumstance or issues until victory comes. Pray like Hannah did in I Samuel chapter 1, persistently making our requests known to God. We can give birth to our “baby”, if we keep knocking!

Dear Lord, I love you and praise you for a beautiful day you’ve given us today. We worship and honor you and give you praise for you alone are worthy of our praise. Walk with us today and whisper your words of guidance in our ears. May we not be a stumbling block to someone else, but help us be a stepping stone to draw them closer to you. I pray that when others look at our lives they see a reflection of you. Bless all the dear sisters and their loved ones in Jesus name I pray–Amen.

Keeping the Faith,


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