Weekend Activities

Yes….we had a good time….YES I was mentally and PHYSICALLY exhausted when they went home….boys are boys…and there was some wrestling….running….playing….and even some major whining (not all of it was mine either)….and the little cutiepie that is the youngest says, “I not you best fwend anymore”(he says YOU not your)….EVERY TIME he gets upset with you….or if he doesn’t get his way. So…I have only 2 best friends now….the older two. But even they weren’t my best friend the whole time they were here either.

I still don’t think I have unclinched my teeth from the stress….(I have a tendency to do that in my sleep)…and Jeff said I snored last night. I told him…”Well, at least I was able to sleep”. A little bit. My headache is still close enough that I know it’s there….my throat hurts when I swallow and yes, I am whining. So, Jeff, you still gonna be my best fwend?

Can I file a report for hurricane “Grandson” damage??? Anyone??? help?

I’ll be on the Sisters of Faith site tomorrow…..Lord willing.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Activities”

  1. How cute. Little ones are so cute. My seven year old niece says liberry instead of library. It’s cute right now but I do hope she grows out of it and learns the new way. I’ve not corrected her as I should because it’s SO cute. I’m an awful aunt, huh?!Love,Paula

  2. Oh Angie……… I would give anything to have the noise and the hustle bustle for just one little grandson or grand daughter…….. Your pictures are such fun to me….. sorry you are so tired… but no sympathy here ! hahahhahahLove ya

  3. I still be you fwend!!! How much love was in your home this weekend!!! Sorry you were left with the ‘stress pains and headache’! I can’t wait for the day I get to have little ones tumbling through my house…someday.Take care of yourself!Love you,Susan

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