Day Twenty-Five

Scripture references for today are: Luke 5:17-26“We have seen remarkable things today”. I’m beginning with the end. But it struck me.

When I see a sunset. I’ve witnessed the remarkable. A sunrise…remarkable. The birth of my number 5 grandson yesterday? Beyond remarkable! Everyday the Lord shows up and shows us the remarkable in His kingdom.

The most remarkable I’ve felt and witnessed was my forgiveness. But something that made a piercing mark on me was my forgiveness of another. I didn’t want to. But I needed to. I had to. For you see, I once had sin…that needed forgiving. Without forgiving another—I can’t be forgiven. (But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins. Matthew 6:15 NLT)

In talking with a dear friend recently, the pain etched on her face and in her eyes was intense–flowing from what was inside her heart. She had been betrayed. She in turn had lashed out. She was filled with the anguish of that betrayal. That marriage built from love and trust was now as confetti lying on the sidewalk. Just bits of something that had once been whole. That is what the enemy has set out to do to each of our lives. And without forgiving one another—it will remain confetti. Shreds of a previous existence.

I remember years ago when someone had inflicted a pain to my heart that was serious. I remember having conversations with the individual in my head—where I too lashed out. But that never seemed to bring any peace. Only further pain. The only thing I knew to do was take the pain to Jesus. So, on my face I cried out to him. Like a small child bringing a broken toy that had once been dearly loved, I brought my broken heart. A friendship and love was on the line. The Healer took it under His wing. The ointment of forgiveness and healing began to flow. Both in my heart and the individual.

Without forgiving one another—our lives will soon become paralyzed—and with a paralyzed heart…we soon will cease believing, trusting, loving —and even living. Our lives become stagnate. Christ died on the cross to GIVE life….to FORGIVE sins—bring hope and restore us to the relationship God intended from the beginning.

Instead of using every opportunity to reveal my gaping wound, I used opportunities in my pain to share the Word. I taped and mailed scripture notes where they would be found. Notes of love and forgiveness. Notes on the Peace that surrounds us and the Peace we cannot comprehend. It was as much for me as the individual. I was reminding my own heart where my peace was found. In accepting forgiveness for my own sin. In believing in Christ for my own salvation. In loving Him and relying on Him for all my needs.

I will share with you Beth’s closing thoughts for today, “Lord God, I behold Your face today with a shout of joy, knowing that You have restored Your righteousness in me. I can now tell others, “I have sinned and perverted what is right, yet, I did not get what I deserved. For the Lord redeemed my soul from going down to the Pit, and I continue to see His light” (Job 33:26-28)

Keeping the Faith,


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