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The Miracle on the SEA

What was it? Well, there was more than one miracle that day….go to the Sisters of Faith site to read it all….It is Day 23 in the 90 Days with the One and Only!

And don’t forget….pray for my April today….as she labors (pray that it won’t be as long as the first time) and delivers a “healthy” baby! (It’s a boy—totally a quiver full of 5 in the grandchildren department!)

5 thoughts on “The Miracle on the SEA”

  1. Stopping by to see if there is any baby news yet. I’ll keep checking thru the day… I can’t wait to hear all about the new little one!Angie, I loved the comment you left earlier this morning on my blog. How great is God that he brought that first grandbaby to you to bring such joy during a difficult period of time?! You are so right… joy is within us, we just have to make the choice, be open to it and looking to God.Praying for daughter, new baby and you today!

  2. Hi Angie,I've seen your name throughout TT before, and somehow never made it to your blog… Congratulations on your new grand!What a beautiful blessing!I just said a prayer for your whole family as well as your new baby.Blessings,Lea<*)))><

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