Day Twenty-two

Scripture for today’s devotion is found in Matthew 4:23-25, and Luke 4:42.

The questions are: 1.) What worthy activities or pursuits often lure you away from your main priorities? 2.) What answer could you give to those who think you’re being lazy or indifferent by not sharing the same zeal they possess for some cause or ministry or emphasis?

Beth talks about how Luke shared the same event, but expressed how Christ said, “He must go” or how He had to keep on traveling no matter how much they wanted to keep Him there with them – He had to continue sharing in other places. Sometimes, we, like Beth mentions, let the urgent sidetrack us from what’s important. I know I can be easily side-tracked. I have to remind myself of this, I must keep my focus on Him.

Jesus has always had compassion on people, and He expressed that in His earthly walk. However, He was never side-tracked from His ultimate mission. He was time conscious. I know I need to be a better steward of His time.

My husband has always been a list maker. He is very time conscientious. He makes lists, He plans ahead, organizes, tries to structure his day, even though being a pastor things can get jostled around. He still tries to follow the plan, as well as, he can. Me, on the other hand, sometimes I run around in circles and feel like I don’t get anything accomplished. (Angie, one day I’m going to surprise you and really get organized.) I even bought the book “Organization for Idiots” just haven’t ever found the time to read it. I’m going to continue to try. I do know when I give God my “to do” list and ask Him what He wants me to do, it always goes much smoother. I am so glad God is concerned about our every need.

Maybe you have a need – and you feel hopeless or helpless. Jesus is still the “miracle man” for us
today. “His compassions fail not and they are new every morning” Lam. 3:22-23.

In closing, let’s make Beth’s prayer ours, too: Lord please help us pay careful attention to our life’s walk– making the most of the time. I realize that the days are evil and filled with temptations, which not only entice us to sin but also to mistake activity for purpose. So help us not to be foolish but to understand what Your will is (Eph. 5:15-17).

Keeping the Faith,


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