90 Days with Jesus Bible Study, Life Issues

Day Twelve

Scripture Text for today: Luke 2:39-40, 51-52

One of Beth’s thoughts today was the qualities she likes most in people, and she asked “What would be on your list if you were to make one? And which of them can you see Jesus possessing?”

Now, I have never made a list of the qualities I like in people, but it is something to think about. When I was in High School we had to write down the qualities we wanted in a spouse in our Life Management class and needless to say my husband fit the type I wrote about. (Awe, ain’t that sweet!)

Anyway, sorry for chasing that rabbit, contemplating this thought made me think of that paper. Well, I would have to say Jesus possesses all the good qualities that I can think of. Faithful, honest, wise, a good listener, etc…..

Just like Beth, it is hard for me to fathom the human side of Christ. Makes me wonder, “Did He ever have a bad day?” Beth mentioned how He was favoured in vs. 52, He “increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” I liked her words, “He came bringing heaven to earth. In today’s terms, He was a man who could preach an anointed sermon, then change a flat tire on the way home from church.”

I want to live a life pleasing and favourable to God. Our Uncle Cecil taught an adult Sunday School class for many years before he was physically unable to, due to several strokes, but one of his favorite things to say at the close of his lessons was, “Children, if you want to hear the Father say well done, you’d better have done well.”

I admit I tend to be a people -pleaser many times, because I want others to be happy. I won’t compromise my beliefs, but I will often stretch myself to thin.

One day, I was praying about my pleasing tendencies and I was crying about how I didn’t feel I could do enough to please people or measure up to others. I had high expectations for myself… I’m a pastor’s wife and I wanted to visit everyone, make pies and cakes for everyone, and be a good teacher, and be a good wife and mother, etc… and I heard the still small voice speak to my heart, “Child, all I expect of you is for you to do your best and I will handle the rest.” That was a liberating thought for me, because all he requested was my best.

May God bless you is my prayer, and may all you beautiful ladies be found favoured!

Keeping the Faith,


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