The Bible Study *2008*

The Bible Study will follow this post. We would like to thank each of you for joining and participating with us on this journey! Just a couple of things to know as we begin: We will be taking turns writing the devotions on each day and will be using the comment section to respond to each one of you! We regret that, with the time involved, we won’t be able to ‘visit’ each one individually everyday, but will stop by as time allows.

The weekends will be yours to study and reflect on your own. Feel free to share with us any nugget you take away from those two days! We will meet each of you back here each Monday morning (barring any computer problems that may arise—as I have had this weekend—which prevented the scheduled posting of this blog!)

We want you to know that YOU are appreciated! And to show our appreciation to you, at the end of the Bible Study, we will be having a “give-away” among the participants. I have a list of names, but some may have had something come up. So we will use the comment section and my e-mail inbox, as well as anyone that attends church with Aimee or myself that may be following along and can’t comment. Just be sure you let us know that you are reading along and studying with us!
We are expecting amazing growth in our own spiritual lives–and in yours as well! Keep us updated on how things are going for you. Invite someone to join us on this journey!
Above all—keep the faith,
The Sisters,
Aimee & Angie

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