Day Two

Welcome to day two of Jesus–90 Days with the ONE and ONLY.

“How can this be?”

I have said this in a little different wording, more like: “Lord, I don’t know how you can do this.” Some of our sister, Wanda’s last words were, “I don’t understand.”

It’s all about the same thing – trust.

Trust goes beyond hoping so – it’s believing with all our heart. Mary did question, but she also believed. When we look at things through human eyes sometimes there seems no way – but with God – He is “the way, the truth and the life”.

When we add Him in the equation it balances out every time. Our circumstances may be like Algebra: when you figure out what the variable is, or what “x” equals, and put the answer in for “x” – it works every time! In our life equation “x” = God! He’s the answer.

Beth asked, “What would we do if God never called us to greater things that were more His size?”

Maybe we need our faith to speak up and go ahead and request the “biggie” like, instead of : “Lord, save my child,” say: “Lord save him, and saturate his life with the Holy Ghost, and use him to be a mighty man of God!”

When Mary actually trusted and surrendered everything to the Holy Spirit she said, “Lord I am your handmaid.” In other words, “Whatever Lord – I trust you!” This is the biggie!

I once read somewhere that “Faith is like holding a hand in the dark.” Maybe it is dark where you are in your life – just keep holding His hand.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this time with You. You are my faithful friend. Thank You for sending Your “One and Only” Son to save me. Help my desires mimic your desires, making me more like You. I pray a special blessing for those today that are joining with us on this 90 day journey that You would draw us close and breathe on us with your presence. Help us answer “yes, I am your handmaid” to everything you’ve called us to do–In Jesus name–Amen.

Join us back here tomorrow for another day with Angie, as we journey on. Don’t forget to read in your own book and make your own notes!

Keeping the faith,


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