8 thoughts on “Sorry Ya’ll”

  1. Hey Angie! Sorry to hear that your not feeling well. I pray you feel better soon!ShannonSneads A/G

  2. THANK YOU Shannon and Jennifer! Today is a bit better—I am looking forward to some time at mother’s with the sweet Sneads A/G ladies for the Ladies Campmeeting Services at Carmel A/G!

  3. Hi Angie,So sorry to hear you’re sick! Take care and rest up.I was so happy to read that my WFW touched on something discussed between you and a friend earlier this very day…don’t you love when God does that!? ; )Everytime I stop by, I mean to tell you how beautiful your blog is, and how much I LOVE this song that plays by Joy Williams. It’s such a great challenge and prayer, and she sings it so beautifully. Didn’t mean to leave such a long comment! Take it easy, and know in the next couple of moments, I am praying for you! Blessings,Tracy

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