Twenty-Six Years….

Some decisions are made in hast….some after a long soul searching time….

The best decision I ever made (with the exception of asking the Lord Jesus Christ to live in my heart—and rule my life)….was to become your one and only….For you are my one and only.

“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” Franklin P. Jones

This ride has definitely been worthwhile. Even though it contained many potholes. At least I was blessed to have you along as the driver of the vehicle—so that when the potholes were hit…I could hear you say….”Mercy!”….and when you ran off the road…you’d say “keep your side on the road”….and when you left the blinker on long after the turn was made….well, you know.

Happy 26th Anniversary “Sweet Man”. I am more in love with you today than 26 years ago! (Wait, is that even possible?)

17 thoughts on “Twenty-Six Years….”

  1. Oh goodness, twenty six years!Happy Anniversary Angie. I knew he was a special man the moment you told me that he could make a mean peanut butter cake.At that moment, I loved him too.May the Lord bless you both with fifty more beautiful and richly filled years together.Love you! Joanne

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and your beloved…what a sweet and heartwarming post and I love your photos…what a cute couple! = )Blessings,Tracy

  3. Oh….how cute ya’ll are! I’m so happy for you…It’s just so nice to have that hand there that you are just “sure of!”Here’s to 26 more!hugs!!and GREAT PICS!!love em!!lori

  4. Happy belated 26th anniversary, my friend. Wow – what a great accomplishment to have been married for this long. You know, if you look for guidance to the Lord – marriages can last 🙂((((hugs)))) and blessings…

  5. Marriage…….. Two people becoming one in Christ…. How can this be……. A very long time ago I found a little book mark… It was during the age of great depression and heartache in my life…… I was such a needy person for so long and in that need I was always drawn to the person that would feed on that need….. Oh my…. those are marriages not made in heaven….. back to my thought…… I found this little book mark in a christian book store some time in the 70’s….. It read……. Marriage: When one cries, the other will taste salt……… I cried and bought it and put it in my bible…… I would look at it many times in the next 30 years and wonder if it would ever be that in my life………. When God sent me Dennis 30 years latter, I wrapped that little book mark up and gave it to him on our wedding day……….. It is true….. God will make two become one…….. You are blessed my friend and I so enjoyed the tribute to your soulmate……..Hugs

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