A New Body in Christ

This morning at 3:30 we held the hand of my sweet sister, Wanda, as she took her last struggling breath here….and stepped over into Heaven and drew a deep cleansing breath of celestial air.

Her loving husband, Mark, my mother, my youngest sister Aimee, our home church pastor, Reverend Tommy Moore, and myself were all kneeling and in prayer—-releasing her to our Father, who stepped from His heavenly home to our earthly one to escort His beloved sweet child home.We will miss her deeply, but we rejoice with her greatly! The pain and suffering she has endured these past, almost 44 years, has been heartbreaking to watch….but she suffers no more.

On the last day of this month, she will celebrate her 44th birthday—in heaven. I can only imagine the party my Father will throw for such a faithful beloved child.

With deep gratitude, I thank each of you faithful readers, for your prayers and sweet comments, either by e-mail or on this blog. Our hearts have been greatly blessed by reading your kind words.

This week will be full, therefore I will not be posting again for my usual Thankful Thursday. But rest assured, we are thankful….that she is doing things in heaven she could never do on this earth. As the Lord leads, I will share sweet moments of her final days with us.

We are all…..Still Trusting Him.

Keeping the Faith,

The Sisters (Angie)

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