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Winds of Time

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In Training

You may not be able to tell by this photo….but they are training Scooter.

They have the book, the leash, and the dog.

Scooter looks real interested in being trained doesn’t he?

Probably about as interested as we are in receiving our training…

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Laced With Grace

I have a table reserved just for YOU!

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2010-11-23 Thanksgiving week-boys 2010 020

Have you ever had that feeling of panic that hits you when it seems nothing is going right?  When the noise level in your space elevates to such a decibel that your heart begins to pound and the temperature in your body rises and you begin to sweat…


By noise. By clutter, space, time constraints, people, winding up in exhaustion.

By chaos is what the enemy of your soul wants you to think.  How do I know?

Walk with me.  That is exactly what I’ve felt for the past few weeks.  The noise level had nothing to do with the grandkids being here.  The noise level was coming from everywhere and no where at the same time. 

Guess what I have found.  We are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses.  Peering over the portals, if you will allow me to paraphrase into my ideas of what it means. 

“Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset [us], and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of [our] faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.”  Hebrews 12:1-2 KJV

Friend, today I held my Bible to look up something to share with my mother,  and the very feeling of peace that seemed to wash over my soul was amazing.  Just for my eyes to gaze upon the Word surprised my tired heart.

That’s what an encounter with Jesus will do every time.  Instead of trudging through the day without Him—why not give the day to Him?  For me, it’s the only way I can have true soul peace.  True heart peace.  Pure peace of mind.

That great cloud of witnesses are standing at a point seeing what we do not see.  The nearness of the end.  No, they don’t know the “day and hour” the Son of Man comes, for know one knows that—but I believe they can turn and see the table being readied.  They can see the chairs being lined up just so.  They can see Gabriel adding the last polish to the trumpet.  They can see far more than we can.  I also believe they are cheering us on.

“Don’t give up brother!  Take heart sister!  Though the trials you have suffered have been hard, there is such a joy set aside just for you ahead! Keep the faith!  Lay aside all that would hinder you—whether it would be relationships, objects, or ideas of what you’ve heard that is contrary to God’s Word.  Let nothing hinder you.  Let nothing get in your way to your heavenly home—let nothing stand between you and doing what God would have you do.  Keep your focus on HIM.

He focused on YOU and ME as He endured the cross.  He knew that without His fulfilling what He came to do—we would be eternally lost.  His focus was on us—so our focus could be Him.

You are surrounded.  Pull up the blanket of peace.  Tuck it in secure.  Shout out His Words! Claim them as your own!  (That’s what we have the Word for!)  Find your Victory Statement this weekend—and pursue peace and joy with all your might!


A New Day–A New Friend!

Hey folks!

I just have to stop my house cleaning long enough to tell you a story.

I met the most incredible hearted woman on Wednesday!  Her name is Rene (rhymes with dream).  She is one lady who absolutely puts action behind her words–and the blessings follow!  She has a few blogs–but the one I want you to read is the one about her mission and heart today.  “The Faith Diva Society”.
I know your heart will be blessed when you get to know this incredible “sister of faith”.  We had a mini-retreat in her home on Wednesday night, after hearing an amazing story of how God brought unexpected lives together“Same Kind of Different As Me”, by Ron Hall and Denver Moore.  They tell an inspiring story of two unlikely friends.  But God. . . .

As Connie, Rene and I sat in the living room around the fire place, we shared our hearts and Christ’s story in our lives.  How amazing is our God!  A sweet retreat!

Thank you Rene for opening your heart and home to me–I am forever changed by meeting you–a heart that is continuously seeking “what” you can do for others.  You don’t just talk about it or dream about it–you “do” it. Without regard to yourself and what it might cost you.  God smiles every time He sees you step into action, and says, “Okay people, watch out! Here comes My Rene!”

I won’t include all the pictures because Connie and I get a bit carried away, but I will share a few! 

Thank you Connie girl for an amazing trip–complete with mentoring time!

My purple hat from Rene!

 One of Rene’s many blue butterflies…there is a story in the blue butterflies.  Click on her name at the top of this post to read about them.
Looking at the back porch of Rene’s house.  Donetta, you would LOVE this place!

Little Miss Luckey.  And that is exactly what she is.  Deaf now, and almost 16 years old, she keeps Rene company and loves her dearly.  A treasure from heaven!

 Sitting by the fire, sharing Jesus, laughs and a tear or two.

One last thing….if you have a dream…or a vision of what God wants to do in your life, or through you….             you must first……

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Sisters Retreat 2010

The 2010 Sisters Retreat was great fun!! A relaxing–special time with sisters in Christ!

Hearts were shared–memories made–tears were shed–and friendships forged.

God was good.

I regret not having my camera on hand at all! I took these pictures the first day we arrived and didn’t pick it up again until I saw the butterfly that seemed to be “following” me around! Right into a store at Pier Park on the beach.

I wish everyone that had expressed interest could have joined us–but I know that there are so many activities that are going on in everyone’s life! It’s just a busy time of year! I totally understand.

This was the largest “Sister’s Retreat”–with each condo being a small group of sisters to themselves. That was neat. Devotions and fellowship being shared as small groups and then coming together in the “Club House” of Landmark Condominiums on the beach for our time of sharing and singing—and eating. Of course you can’t have a retreat without eating…can you??

I hope all the ladies had a great time, I know our group did. God orchestrated everything down to the last detail. When we put our “all” in…He returns so much more! More than you can imagine!

When we lay EVERYTHING down that hinders–or otherwise has your mind so occupied as to prevent you from entering into His place of worship–He then replaces that with His powerful Spirit and Presence!

Love you girls! Hope your week is fully blessed!

In case you wonder….

I think God may ask “YOU” to host your own sister’s retreat RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! 

Try it.  Invite 3 or 4.  See what God does when you put HIM as first in the midst….

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What Fall Looks Like

At our house….

I’ve pulled out the orange, gold and red leaves, set out fresh pumpkin and vanilla scented candles and gave the house a breath of fresh air–all week long.

Windows thrown wide–a/c unit set in the “off” position–and let the breezes blow.

My soul needed this as much as the tired smelling house. Does yours?

As I’ve sat with my mother each morning on my patio, I’ve thought of you. Many of you. I’ve thought of Denise Walden–from “Life at My House”, having just lost her mother on the heels of losing her dad. I’ve thought of Denise Oldham, of “Shortybear’s Place”, with her failing eyesight, but never failing faith in God, Who created our eyes!

My mind wandered over Tiffany, Lynn, Joanne, Lori, Maddie, DeLaney, Barbara, Iris, Kathy, Lisa, and I have to stop right there or I’ll be in big trouble. It was incredible this week, how one email on my phone from Peggy brought me the news of Denise’s current health crisis and we all began to pray.

If you didn’t know…that was God building and using a network of believers!

He began the building of this network in March of 2007 when I first stuck my toe in blogland. Even though I’ve not been online much AT ALL since beginning my classes for ministry–You’ve all been faithfully reading whatever I have put on the screen. Which, by the way, if you didn’t notice, has been NOTHING since Jeff returned from Peru!

Actually, there are 108 more Peruvian pictures to share! I just needed him to give me a bit of explanation on them before I posted the blog–and he just hasn’t had time yet.

Where did the summer go?

We will back-track a bit in a few days.

For now, I’m working on the last details of our Sister’s Retreat. I feel the LORD working mightly. I’ve had my ear and heart to the Word for weeks now–and He doesn’t disappoint in letting me know His heart.

So, if you can pardon my absence just a few more days. . . .

Have a blessed Sunday.

Continue to pray for Denise Walden in this time of grieving–and Denise Oldham–as they face this crisis with her eyesight and Eddie’s dad. They will all appreciate your prayers.

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Whispers in the petals…

This is not a rose…by any name.  But it looks like it could “smell” as sweet.  Have you ever seen anything that looked promising…but have the promise bite?

We probably all have.  One thing you must know…His promises carry nothing but a sweetness of facts.  Nothing amiss–all is well to the soul who trusts fully in Him.  His promises are secure–written down forever here in the Word–and in glory!

Can you hear Him whisper in the petals of a flower?  I can.  Even in the death of a flower–there is yet life.  When this bloom falls withered to the ground, there is yet life in the plant.

Lean in and listen close to His voice.  He’s speaking ever so softly–only those real intent on hearing His voice will know His Words.

I’m leaning–and learning as I go–He is ever faithful.

Giving Him All….

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