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~Thankful Thursday~

Iris has given us a wonderful assignment for Thankful Thursday~Christmas Day. BE SURE you visit her and find out more about it!

Now on to today~

“As Christians, we are called to convert our loneliness into solitude. We are called to experience our aloneness not as a wound but as a gift–as God’s gift–so that in our aloneness we might discover how deeply we are loved by God.”

~ Henri Nouwen ~

I was all set to give you dictionary details on solitude and loneliness….but you already know what they both mean. Let me instead share two scripture verses, among many that I found where Jesus Himself sought solitude with His Father.

Mark 1:35 Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.

Luke 5:16 But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

I remember a time in my life, I will call it a horrible hormonal time, when I did not want to be around people. I felt miserable. Have you ever been there? Noise bothered me, smells of food bothered me, people bothered me.

I couldn’t put my finger on the Problem. I went to the doctor. He counseled with me (he was a wonderful Christian physician) and prayed with me. He also prescribed me medication. It helped somewhat. But like all medication, I didn’t take it long. I needed a long term fix. I needed something fixed in my heart. I took it to the Great Physician.

My needs were met at an old fashioned altar at my home church. Yes, I confess there are times in my life when some of those old feelings threaten to over take me again, but I rush back to the throne, on my face before my Lord. He gives me what I need in my soul. Restoration. Peace. Balance. (This is something we need to address. Each of us….well, maybe not you…but I know I’ve been sort of out of balance these past few weeks.

Since we are instructed to follow the life of Christ, to pattern our lives after His, we should “seek” after the place of solitude to spend time with our heavenly Father as well. I enjoy time alone for different reasons than before. My husband enjoys his time alone as well. That alone place is where I am able to gather my rapidly running thoughts and corral them into prayers and praise to God. Like when I am driving alone. I am not alone. I am most always conversing with my Father. If not actually talking with Him, then I am listening to His Word, or listening to wonderful praise and worship music. But then there are those times—like every single day this week…when my patience in driving has been sorely tested. I must have had a sign on the front of my truck that said “Please slow down if you get in front of me!”

Sometime back while driving, I was listening to a book on tape by Jan Karon called “Light from Heaven”. While listening to that book, I conversed with God. I wept at the weepy parts and rejoiced and laughed at the rejoicing and laughing parts. God intends for us to live our lives in such a way as to include Him in every area. Why don’t we do that more often?

Why do I let the cares and troubles of my life get me so bogged down that I feel lonely inside? I have friends…I have precious family. But when I get so overwhelmed by circumstances, and even friends and family—as much as I love them—can’t fix my problems. They (my problems) become veritable mountains that I cannot fathom how to climb. Are you like that?

Instead of focusing on the mountain….let’s sneak off to a place of solitude….where instead of “concentrating on the feeling of loneliness, we feel His presence. In the solitude we seek Him. The Bible says that when we seek Him, we will find Him. He will inhabit our praises. He will dwell with us. As He dwells within us!

I want to feel Christ Jesus dwelling with me every minute of the day. I need Him—as the song says, “every hour, I need Him”.

I love my solitude, my quiet times with Jesus. I often told my girls, you are never alone (I especially reminded them of this when they were dating!) It is a comfort to me to know that Jesus is here. Every hour of every day. In the “hormonal months (maybe even years)” of my life, God has used those times to teach me things. He is always there.

There is another an old song that says this:

“I’m never alone,
no never alone.
Christ Jesus is with me,
wherever I go.
I hold to His Hand,
lean on His strong arm,
He’s ever with me
and I’m never alone.”

For that, I am thankful and for all other blessings, I am thankful! I love and thank you all for your kindness to me this year—for prayers prayed—sweet notes mailed or e-mailed and phone calls too. You are all incredible blessings—and I thank you!

Thankful Thursday and Happy Birthday Denise!!

Thankful Thursday is a special day! It is incredible what God is doing among us!

My heart is overflowing with His goodness! I choose to seek Him—and leave the problems. I choose to celebrate friends and their encouraging ways…I choose to seek Him in His word! I choose joy—in the midst of problems—I choose Christ.

A message and cake for Denise of ShortyBear’s Place…
You are a treasured friend…

A blessing to hundreds!—Thousands!

I am blessed to know you! I pray that the Lord fills your day with delights, surprises, joys and healing!

Ladies, I have to tell you again, if you have the opportunity to get the Bible Study book, 90 Days with the One and Only, get it. Do the study on your own. I cannot express how it has affected my heart and life in these past 81 days. We’ve not many more to go. I am looking forward with GREAT anticipation to what HE guides us to next! You will find me on the Sisters of Faith site today—Thursday.

Be encouraged sisters, when the news spills it’s gloom and doom of the day…look toward the sky, push the hair behind your ears to hear better….is that Gabriel beginning to blow?

I love you all! I look forward to a great reunion in heaven….a special time of gathering for those blogging hard for Christ Jesus!

Thank you Iris for taking us to the place of testifying for Christ! Visit Iris for more thankful hearts!

He is MORE than enough for ME! Praise Him today—on this Thankful THURSDAY!

Thankful Thursday EVERYDAY!

I am thankful that the LORD has given me life! EVERLASTING! I had written this before I saw what Iris’ Scripture was for today! That very verse has been on my mind for two days! He wants us to really KNOW how much He loves us!

In the past 73 days I have been on a deeper journey with Him. I can tell you that through this time, there have been the battles, the trials, and yes, even flesh issues that I have dealt with. I can say with all honesty though, that the LORD has given me extra strength and peace to go on. READ ON—WALK ON! FOR HIM.

I just left our ladies Bible Study group and we are involved in a Joyce Meyer study on prayer…and boy howdee is it ever POWERFUL! She shared some of the VERY things that I had been reading this week 🙂 Isn’t that like GOD!

One thing that came to my mind as I was listening to her speak and thinking in the back of my mind—circumstances that so many are facing—we need to move our focus on what the enemy is trying to do in our lives—distracting us from the FATHER and the goal of our lives—and we need to FOCUS on what GOD is doing in our lives! Girls, the best way I can say this…”SUIT UP AND DEAL WITH IT!” By that I mean put on the WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD! Partial clothing is not going to cut it!

I am thankful that Grandbuddy’s procedure went well this week and his blood pressure is DOWN!

I am thankful for all He is teaching me! I am thankful He is patient! I am thankful for YOU! I am thankful for the Bible Study on the Sisters of Faith site! If you haven’t been reading along, you have missed a blessing! My baby sister Aimee has been blessing my heart and life with every tap of her keys! I am thankful for my family!

Girls, if I haven’t told you, I love and appreciate you! God’s love is real and it is for you and for me! If you don’t have anything else to pray about on Thursday, I would TOTALLY APPRECIATE YOUR PRAYERS! I will be speaking at Carmel A/G at the Women’s Ministry Tea Thursday night. PRAY SISTERS PRAY!!! I cannot do anything without the anointing of Jesus Christ! I don’t plan to go without HIM!

Go on over to Grace Alone for many more thankful hearts!

Swallowing a MOOSE??

Hey everybody~ my friend Heather…from Swallowing a Moose has created a special Thanksgiving Blog…just for TESTIMONIES! I think it is awesome! It’s called Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving!

It is a culmination of all our Thankful Thursdays (sort of)!

Iris of Grace Alone began Thankful Thursdays and it is growing and glorifying Christ in the heart of every single visitor! WE are encouraged to look up! To be thankful! To lift the chin of another! Which is exactly what the LORD wants us to be doing! While it is yet day!

But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. Hebrews 3:13 NIV

I am so thankful for shared sunsets! The beauty of the evening sky was captured by us amateur photographers on our Sisters of Faith Retreat! The palette of colors used by God is so magnificent, it is not found in any box of Crayola’s!

I am thankful for the beauty that He shines into our lives when we take the time to look! (This was one thing touched on Wednesday night during Bible Study.)

I am thankful for healing of my Aunt Evielean and my dear friend Susan! I am believing God to complete His perfect work in their lives and bodies!

I am thankful for the opportunity to meet Julie on our trip and help her celebrate her birthday…no we didn’t discuss numbers! That’s not important! Since my coming birthday will mean forty-sssssseeeeeevvvvvveeeeeennnnn years of blessings….we don’t go there.

I am thankful for friends, family and faith. I am thankful for salvation. For while I was yet a sinner, Christ had already made provision that I might have eternal life. In GLORY!

I am thankful for ALL He is teaching me as we are on this journey of dedication of time and heart with the 90 Days With the One and Only by Beth Moore. I have wept over many of the pages of words as they have penetrated my heart and soul. Christ is giving us a clear picture of ourselves—-and an even greater picture of what He desires us to be IN HIM. Through the pages of His life and journey while on this earth. So, if you have been thinking…”Angie just ain’t writing anymore”… honey, let me tell you, ask Jeff. I have had my face in the book(s) and in front of the computer every single night, along with my sister Aimee. You just have to trot over to the “Sister’s House” to find us! Sisters of Faith!

I am thankful for the dedicated hearts that have joined….as well as the lurkers, who simply read and pray along with us. (They think we don’t know they’re out there….) Thank you all!

I am thankful for YOU. For each blog I read, the Lord confirms over and over His amazing love for each heart and life. He shows me continually that each heart, touching another heart is part of His divine plan and purpose! YOU have touched my heart…just by stopping by!

Have a blessed weekend! Be sure and drop by Iris’ place for more thankful hearted testimonies of God’s goodness!

I feel prompted

to lead you somewhere. AND when I feel prompted…I am trying to hard to act on the instruction.

When I first began blogging over a year ago now…seems longer somehow, anyway I found this young woman with such a heart for sharing Christ.

One Thousand Gifts is a logo I have seen on several blogs. I am starting my own thankful journal. I have a “prayer request” journal already…with precious hand prints for praying over…but this will be different. Recognizing the gift of everyday. In every day. When I am rushing Monday on and wishing for Friday to come, I will do my best….my hardest….to observe, look for and seek out the gift in the day that I am currently breathing.

I invite you to journey over to Holy Experience for an experience in life—a life that I believe with all my heart you will feel ‘kin’ to.

God is so good. I have so much to be thankful for. Celebrating the 25th birthday of my oldest daughter around the supper table tonight was a tremendous blessing. With the rowdy noise of 5 little boys plus one precious niece, there were blessings in the form of 60 fingers and 60 toes. Six pair of eyes all looked into mine and 6 little mouths made noises appropriate to their age. Blessings. Even in the loud moments.

Did I just say that? We really appreciated the silence once the house was still. But are so thankful!

Thankful Thursday

These are just 3 of the blessings in my life that I am thankful for….don’t be fooled by the “frownie face” of Jason…he was showing me his “mean face”. Cy is all grins…and little Jake…he is all yawns…SWEET BLESSINGS! Visit Iris…for more thankful hearts!

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I am thankful for a kazillion things today….but to name just a few:

The tree tops that came crashing down on Friday night during the passing storm fell in the driveway of the neighbor….instead of on top of our heads as we lay sleeping. (Of COURSE this woke me up!);

I am thankful that EVEN THOUGH the freezer died today…the meat was still cold and Jeff was able to find someone that could use it immediately;

I am thankful that all the WATER resulting from said freezer death (as in melted ice), did not ruin anything in the laundry room;

I am thankful that we were all together for my mother-in-law’s 78th birthday this past Saturday;

I am thankful to have an incredible family and some pretty awesome friends!

I am thankful for the opportunity to work with and come to know and love Katie Bell for the past several weeks—pray for her as she travels to Scottland!

I am thankful for you! YOU—the reader—who takes time out of your busy schedule to listen to me ramble—sometimes whine—but hopefully, and MOSTLY share about the goodness and mercy of God. YOU are a blessing.

Be sure you visit Iris for more thankful hearts! Your day will be full of blessings as you join us in counting ours!