We Wanted to Tell YOU First

We interrupt your regular scheduled FRIDAY programing to make an announcement:

WE are incredibly grateful to announce that as of this week, final clearance has been issued to us for the field!  Did you just spill something?  Did you just spit out your coffee?

After all the things that has transpired these past 8 months–we are beyond grateful!  We couldn’t have made it to this point were it not for our faithful and committed monthly supporters.  They have combined our cash on hand with our monthly supporters to get us to get us to this point–meaning:  we still need a few monthly supporters.  Anything is helpful.  Truly.  Our youngest supporter sends us $10 a month and it is absolutely precious to us.

We leave April 26 and have so much to do.  Our car must be sold, the remaining (what we haven’t given to our girls) household items must be sold as well as the packing.  I began packing a few weeks ago in faith that we would make it to the goal for the school term in May.  We will be in Costa Rica for 8 months studying non-stop (from what I understand from former students) and then back home for me to get a couple of medical tests in December then it’s off to Bolivia!

God has been so faithful –shown Himself powerful over and over throughout our medical ordeal this year.  I am now “portless” as the chemo port was surgically removed last Friday (woohoo!).  It was such a relief to have that out.  I was talking about having it removed a few weeks ago in the presence of a couple of our grandsons and the youngest one said later, “so Nana, are you DONE with cancer?”  He said it in such a way that made me laugh because it sounded like he had been waiting for me to do something for him–in a boy-like-impatient tone.

“Yep!  I’m done with it!”

God has done miraculous things during this process–much of which I will share as time passes I’m sure- great lab results being a BIG one.  God has reminded me that HE called and HE will make it happen in HIS timing.  The book of Isaiah has been my go-to for reading, support and strength during much of this journey.  I will share some of that as well in the coming months.

I am sorry for not having blogged sooner.  Chemo took so much out of me–it’s hard to explain unless you’ve been there–and I truly hope you are NEVER there.

Be on the lookout on Facebook for the yardsale announcement-and keep praying.  PLEASE keep praying.  We’ve got so much to do–and while I’m gaining strength daily, I realize I’m not 25 any more! (haha)

“You are my witnesses”, declares the LORD, “and my servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe Me and understand that I am He.  Before Me no god was formed, nor shall there be after Me.”

“I am the LORD, and besides Me there is no savior”.  Isaiah 43:10-11

Let the packing continue!

Interested in supporting?  Go here:  www.tinyurl.com/sendjeffandangie


6 thoughts on “We Wanted to Tell YOU First”

  1. Wonderful News !!! So, so happy for you. What can we do to help ?? Just let us know. HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY !!!!!

  2. Thank you Angie & Jeff for running the race. You could have stopped, but you plunged ahead trusting the only one in control. We love you more than you know & right now have tears of joy in my eyes. Blessings

  3. I’m absolutely THRILLED for you, my sweet friend! Go forth in grace and peace as His goodness and mercy have your back. Love you to pieces. ❤

  4. Very excited for ya’ll. We will be praying for strength to do what needs to be done and safe travels.
    Renee’ Brown

  5. Very thankful for your leadership. Very HAPPY for your dream to be fulfilled. Your friend from early on.

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