A Missionary Offering

I had wanted to keep you posted every-single-day while we have been on this journey of “mission orientation”….but again, I failed.

However, if you are our friend on Facebook, perhaps you did get in on some “frozen custard” and the walk through the museum at the Assemblies of God National Headquarters  ….that, my friend, was amazing.

If you don’t mind- I am going to “cheat” just a bit–this is what I posted on Facebook this morning-

“Yesterday, while in one of the AmaZing session of training (brain overload), a vivid picture came back to me with such suddenness that my eyes leaked (they really leaked all day– a couple of us girls began to wonder why we even bothered with makeup)…

When I was a very young teenager–before so much rebellion set in like a stone, I remember getting so sick I could hardly stand up. Mother was at work, and it was summer time. Meaning, I was in charge of my two sisters and baby brother.  But with me sick, Wanda was now the “in charge” daughter.

I asked her to call our Mamo to pray. Now, Mamo, in our opinion — was CLOSE to God. Probably closer than anyone we knew. I mean “right up there” with Him daily.  

And truly it was “daily”….she and our Paw-Paw spent the beginning of every morning and the closing of every day on their knees (yes, knees) in prayer.

I remember vividly, even as I type, I can still hear their voices calling on God for their neighbors, their church, their family.  Always their family.

As Wanda dialed Mamo and Paw-Paw, I had confidence that she would pray. I lay in the bed with tears–in pain. I was rarely sick–so for me to even cry about it, I am sure frightened my sister, Wanda.

It seemed short minutes and I heard voices. Mamo’s voice talking to Wanda as they came down the hall. I didn’t mean for her to come to me–I knew that if she prayed right where she was–God would hear.  I guess that was a sign of my faith even back then…my faith in Mamo being able to get a prayer through to God.

Well–I suppose God told her to “go”.  She turned off her stove (middle of cooking their lunch) –pulled off her apron and out the door they went. I am absolutely positive that she prayed on the short 2 mile journey to our house.

When Mamo–walked in my room and laid her hand on my stomach–a warmth filled my body and I FELT the pain and nausea leave.  I soon slept.

You should know this was more than a healing. This was obedience…on her part. To leave “what she was doing”….and GO.

To leave “HER PLANS” for the day…and GO.

Well Friends,…. this is us.  Jeff and myself—leaving our plans to see our grand-kids grow and develop into godly men and young lady, and GO. Because HE, God, asked us to turn off our stove….lay aside our apron of busy lives–and don HIS.

His apron of another type of service.  His servants to Bolivia.

And after last night’s amazing prayer service—I was so thankful –and grateful to be among well over 100 other individuals who heard the same Voice call, “turn off the stove”…and GO light a fire and turn on the stove somewhere else.

Friends, God is so good.  I look in the mirror and wonder why in the world He would ask us…Why?  At this point and at our age…. I don’t argue–I know He has His reason… and you know what?  I’m good with that.  I am thankful He asked…and proud to say “YES”.

Because I am hoping…and praying…and believing that by us going–perhaps one of our grandchildren–will one day want to say, “hey, if God can call my grandparents….maybe He will call me too”.2012-02-25 mother daughter retreat feb 2012 041

Something was said yesterday that I want to leave you with… I thought of my dear sweet mother.  We have, all our lives given to missions.  Mother too….but she will soon give her biggest offering yet.  Her oldest daughter.  Me.

And she gives it willingly–and readily.  Withholding nothing ….because she taught us obedience…by example.  And she still practices what she preaches.

I am glad to be my mother’s missionary offering.

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One response to “A Missionary Offering

  • Roger Philip Reynolds

    So blessed to get in on all your activities and each morning I look out toward your home and sent up a prayer covering over each of you! Have a blessed day and you will be coming home to some awesome spring weather as I have my door open already!

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