Abraham’s Famous Faith

“You’re going where?”   Abram’s friend leaned in to make sure he heard right.

“I said, I don’t know.  We are just going, my friend.”  Abram firmly, but quietly stated.  He had been getting this a lot.  As they had been packing up their tent and all their belongings, loading camels and the many pack animals, friends had been stopping by, each one with the same question and the same incredulous look on their faces.

Abram swatted a fly from his face with his hand.  “The LORD GOD will show us.”  Again, that firm quiet to his voice spoke more than the words he said.  Abram’s friend muttered under his breath, patted him on the back and turned and left.

The heat that usually bore down on Abram, felt today, like a calming Presence.  Almost like a hand on his shoulder giving him comfort as one by one, each friend—who didn’t seem to understand his actions, turned away.

While the above is completely a made up conversation in my mind— it’s how we felt when we began making life changes –preparing for the mission God has ahead.   Abraham, formerly known as Abram, has been a story that I have related to time and time again.  His faith in God–trusting Him–made him famous.  He didn’t seek fame–He sought God.

I felt the excitement he must have felt the night he threw his head back and gazed at the endless curtain of blinking stars.  We have both experienced that look—or expression of incredulity from friends, and maybe even a family member or two—as we shared what we believe (not just feel), that God has called us to do.

This experience of our faith walk has been targeted at different parts of our lives—at various times in this season of life.  One by one, God has pointed His finger at things in our lives and said either “keep-or-give”.  Or, at least to me, that’s how it has felt.

Missionaries at the ages of 54 and 60 wasn’t what we had on our agenda 10 years ago.  Actually, it wasn’t even in my planner 3 years ago.  Mission work?  Yes.  Spending a month at a time on a specific project there? Yes.   But packing up everything that doesn’t get sold to live in a country where I can’t speak the language (yet)… Not quite.  BUT GOD has a way of changing our hearts to YEARN for His will and His direction.  He has a way of changing our hearts desires the closer we get to Him.

How did all this happen?   That will come later as I unfold this in the blog—but first I want to share something one of the missionaries has said this week as we have toured with our District Women’s Ministry Director, Rese Moore.  I believe it was Whittney (I leave off her last name for her future safety), who said it best, “God has called us ALL to goBut some—He has given you the assignment to stay”. 

Your assignment has come with a job He has called and directed you to.  And in that job, He expects you to be an onsite missionary.  One who lives by example—and builds relationships (just like we will do) with those He puts in your path.   One who leads by conversation…. (Really makes you re-think the joke you told last week, huh…).

Your assignment comes with benefits of a dependable weekly salary—as long as you keep up your end of the bargain, your boss will keep up his.  Our assignment comes with a question to our friends and family:  “Do you want to join our team?”  Meaning, “Do you want to help win the lost in these last days?  Do you want to help us show them JESUS?

It comes down to two things really.  Either we want to do all we can to share Jesus where they don’t know Him—in the unreached villages of this world—or we are completely satisfied with them not knowing and stand idly by as they leap off into eternity lost. 100_7692

Our assignment right now is two years.  Do you think—for two years you could give up ONE Starbucks coffee a month?  Just one.

What about 2?  If 35 of our friends and family gave up Starbucks just ONE time each month—to take part in a soul reaching team—that would put us over half way to our budget goal.

What if—ONE time each month—you give up ONE dinner out of, say a Zaxby’s drive through meal.  Just for two people.  That’s close to $25 with large drinks and tax included—and maybe one milkshake to share as dessert.  JUST ONE TIME in a whole month—for two years.  Give it up and maybe just cook a simple meal of rice and chicken and fry some cornbread.  That’s more of a meal than most anyone in a third world country will ever have in a day.  They may have the rice—but they likely won’t have any meat.

I don’t know if you have read down this far or got tired and turned it off—Maybe you are saying, well, Angie, exactly what are you and Jeff giving up?



And every time I think of all the times I won’t get to drive to my mom’s house for a meal or a visit with them, or sit on a comfy couch in an air-conditioned living room and a drink coffee with my baby sister, and join her hand and pray for her family and my family, I will be honest.  I cry.

And every time I think of my two amazing daughters–and how MUCH I love spending time with them–and that will not happen for two years….I cry.PicMonkey CollageMY GIRLS

12002927_1010144605702736_2410717309729830897_nAnd every time I think of our 6 grandsons and how sweet their sugar is, or our precious granddaughter who I won’t get to see turn into a godly young woman and graduate high school, I cry.

BUT THEN– I think of all those children I have met—and those I’ve not yet metwho are waiting for someone to show them Jesus.  Waiting for someone to BE Jesus in their lives and love them no matter how poor they are.  No matter that they have nothing to offer us–we have MUCH to offer them.  Jesus.  And there they are, just waiting for someone to join our team—so that we can get there and introduce them to Jesus Christ.  God’s Only Son—who loved them so much that HE came and died so that they might have life.


We’re only asking for one thing—each month—for two years.  There are some who can afford to give more than ONE Starbucks “sacrifice” a month…..Only you and God know what He’s asking of you.

After two years, if God continues our assignment—we will see what He asks you to do.  Or, God may have another assignment for us…OR, He may have another assignment for you.

This is the link to join our team—OR you can download a copy of the commitment form and send it in, our account number is 2853562, our Region is Latin American, and of course—you know our names, Jeff and Angie Knight.

We have discovered–some are waiting to be asked.  But there are those who just get so excited–they jump ahead and join, saying, “we want to be part of your team”.  You have  no idea how that makes us feel!

You know, I think God likes it best when we, as His children, come up to Him and say, “What would you have me to do Father?”  Go?  or Stay.  Stayers get to be senders.  What a GREAT opportunity.  To be a part of missions, both HERE and There.


© Angie Knight 2016.  All rights reserved.


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