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God Asked me this:

How BAD do you want to help? 

Really.  How Bad do you want to help?

That was God’s question to me the first time I felt the Holy Spirit nudge my heart about missionary support.  I had just heard a missionary speak—sharing his heart about the country he and his family felt called to—and I felt that nudge—that desire to do something.

But then—quickly, rational thinking intervened and reminded me of all the monthly obligations I had, Whew!  Close call.

“Not so fast, Angie”, The Holy Spirit whispered gently.

Remembering the Great Commission, I know all too well that the call was to all.  All of us—every single living human being with a mind and heart to hear and feel the Lord speak…

There were no “if you have any extra at the end of the month”….

John Piper believes if we aren’t actively going—or sending—we are actively disobeying.

Okay—so maybe you have prayed and you sincerely feel that you aren’t called to change  your physical address.  Did you know—that with a monthly offering—you can send?

You and I can help another missionary work in their calling—and help KEEP them there?  You and I can sow seeds in a country we will likely never step foot in—just giving something up.

OR, by doing something MORE.

What do I mean by that?IMG_1724

Well, let’s take something so MANY of us love… Coffee.  Oh, I know—I just hit a nerve.

Maybe you have a ritual cup of SPECIAL Coffee with a friend every single week.  I am sure during that time you are ministering to them and encouraging them—and even witnessing to them.  I’m not asking you to give up a witnessing window… I just want us all to look at how we “spend” our resources–

How bad do we really want to help?

Let’s look at the “drive-through” Starbucks and Krispey Kreme, ‘get-‘em while they’re hot’ ventures.  Can we sacrifice our cravings for missions?  I am the first one to admit to having cravings for ice cream, specialty coffees, and yes, even hot-now donuts.  And every time I fulfill one of my cravings and neglect writing that check and sending it off—I am in essence, showing God—just who is really more important.  Ouch.

What about doing something more?

By that, I mean there are other ways to give—One of the first things that I thought of was the “excess” we live with.

Every year—about twice a year, I have a “purging”.  Usually I give things away—like to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or another similar type store.  But then I realized I could –with some effort on my part—have a yard sale.  Sure—it’s easy easy to just load it up and haul it off.  But then—how does God get the glory?  And how would a missionary get the benefit?

So—I partner with a friend and we go through our homes for about a month and gather our “stuff”—meet at my house and price it all and plan the “day”.  We yard sale for missions.  I have used this as a way to “pay” my way on trips—or to help someone else.  And we have a good time in the fellowship of it all.  And my house and life is less cluttered.

Another way—I cleaned a few toilets to do what I needed to do for missions.  Quite a few.  I did whatever little job or back breaking job I could do—for missions.

God continually asks me, “how bad do you want to help?”

What for? 

Last year God showed us the open door to who He’s called us to.  Children.  Specifically, those who are falling through the cracks.  Those who are 5 years old and living in a prison cell.  Seems absurd doesn’t it.  The child did no crime, yet because of the laws in Bolivia, if a parent goes to prison and there is no one to look after the children…they go too.  Babies are even born in prison.

The country’s most notorious prison is just a few blocks from one of our LAC Schools.  Our first assignment was helping a young girl get back in school.  Her name is Claudia.  A victim in her own home—a step-brother about 10 years older than she is began abusing her when she was about 10 years old—by 12 she became pregnant.  Fear kept her from telling.

The man is now in prison, and Claudia has just recently turned 13—and her baby was about 8 months old when I held her in October.  The most incredible thing in all of this is the bravery of Claudia.  She actually “wanted” to get back in school.  Statistically, young girls who are victims of rape and molestation do not want to go back to school or return to the life they knew before the tragedy.  They are scarred in such a way—shame causes retreat.  And there are times, this type of damaging shame leads to promiscuity.

BESTWe have been able to financially supply for Claudia’s education, counseling, and meet the physical needs of her baby girl.  Her baby’s name is Genesis.  For certain, Claudia’s testimony opened our eyes to many of the real needs in Bolivia.

Jeff and I knew we were already “called” to Bolivia—but now we know a bit more of the “why” and to “whom”.

As a friend was introducing us recently at a church service he stated, “Jeff and Angie are the result of one too many mission trips”.  Of course he was teasing—for he knew all too well the passion that burns in our heart for not only missions, but very specifically, the country and people of Bolivia.

We would be thrilled to have you join our team and partner with us through prayer and monthly support.  Please don’t let the word “support” scare you.  I’m not asking for $100 a month.  I’m just asking you to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as He directs your heart.

Jeff and I are working hard to get there– we’ve sent emails– and mailed letters to those pastors whose emails we sent “bounced back”.  We’ve been invited to share in a few churches and are excited to get the opportunity to share with more….  but we need more doors open.  A 5 minute- or 10 minute window would be great– we’re not asking for your whole service, just a small opportunity to share our heart.

Thank you Your lifeso much for listening to these ramblings words—from the heart of a sold-out-missionary.


© Angie Knight 2016.  All rights reserved.  Photographs © 2016 Angie Knight.  All rights reserved.


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