Together…we can all go

God intends for us to go together.

You may not have to get your passport…but with your partnership, we go together.

Every step Jeff and I take, you take with us.  Every seed you sow into our mission, we in turn, sow into lives you may not see outside of a picture that we share online—but we will join around that eternal throne in heaven that our King sits on.

It’s been a fearsome thing to send out over 100 emails—and wait for a response.  To dial a number and wait for an answer—to get a machine, leave a message and wait for a response.

It’s a fearsome thing—if we thought for one second it depended on us….but it doesn’t.  God called US, so we are certain He will call you to step out in faith and help.

Sometimes—you might think, oh well, I don’t have $25 or $50 a month to spare… Did you know $5 and $10 helps?  A faithful, continual offering of $5 a month is $60 a year.  It might not look like much alone, but together—with God multiplying? –There’s no way I can add up what that might be!

At this point, we need monthly partners to give whatever God lays on your heart—we need this to begin before we can leave.  We need just over $3,000 in monthly supporters—I know.  It looks daunting on this side.  The cost of living is higher in some countries—it amazes me how the people there make it—but we are going to “reach them”….and reaching them in the mountains, villages and areas that are hidden away from the main population will cost us to get there.

We have watched God do some amazing things in our ministry in the past few years—but we believe we’ve not seen the best yet.  When we took our mission team to build a church and host crusades in 2013—the enemy was not happy.  He did his best to tear down anything and everything—BUT GOD HAD A PLAN.

On the last day of the building—crusades were over and we gathered in a tiny room to pray for the pastor and his family and board members—The Holy Ghost fell in such power—the 3 hours we prayed seemed but minutes when all 30 something of us walked out drenched in sweat and headed to the church to dedicate the house of God.  That was all God.

We are praying for you—as we pray for ourselves—for God to continue to lead and direct us—we are praying that God will show up in your life in such a mighty way.  We are believing that you will see things as you step out in faith, that you never dreamed possible!  Because God is God—God can do anything.

Thank you friend.  For reading this all the way through!  For praying for us—partnering with us as God leads you, and being faithful to what He has already called you to do for the furthering of His Kingdom.01BACK cover2014-09-04 01-AKBolivia 2014-VC 215

If you would like to partner with us, click on the link provided, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “make a recurring commitment” (beside the Give Now button).  That’s it.  Believing with YOU for big things in your life!

Together, we can all go.

All for His glory,

Jeff and Angie Knight

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