Our Christmas Wish

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Seems like we have been working on this goal forever… but not quite.

We are giddy with excitement about what the coming months will bring…us closer to Bolivia.  Who would have thought that just a few years ago– in 2011 when we first landed our married feet on the foreign soil –that we would be back to sow seeds together for Christ.

Jeff and I had worked together teaching Sunday School, leading a young adult class, working in the church for years–teaching our children how to “clean the church”… and praying for God to keep our family and our hearts–clean too.

But now we are preparing for the next two years–and you can join us.  You can become a part of our journey by praying and giving.  We need monthly supporters–but also “one-time” donations are gratefully accepted.

All donations are tax deductions–and if you are looking for a place to sow some future seeds of ministry–we would love to be the hands and feet of Christ-going where you aren’t able to right now–BUT, we do hope that one day you might be led to join us for a short term, week long mission trip!

We have hit the ground running–working as hard as we can to be ready to go as soon as the budget and support is fully raised, and I will do  my best to keep you posted along the way– please stay with us and keep praying!  Even if you think you have nothing to give–you can pray!  We need prayer partners!!

January will begin our busy time as we itinerate to churches all over our district (to any and all who will have us!) and we are excited to get to fellowship and get better acquainted with our pastors and mission directors!

So…be on the look out for us!  And if you see this truck out on the highway:  Pray for The Knights.  (this is not us, nor our business, but we love the concept of transporting the Gospel!)




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