Two or Three

I love it when God does this:

As I was praying this morning for various needs that I was aware of, a blogger friend that I met several years ago in person at a She Speaks Conference came to my mind.  Over and over her name kept calling out to me, as if to say, pray for me.  So I did.  From the bed where I lay, I began to whisper a prayer and asked God to meet the needs in her life–to shelter her, cover her, bring healing, peace, whatever her need might be- I didn’t know, but HE did.  And that’s all that mattered.

Before long though, I had to get up.  A feeling of “get alone with God” just kept me awake. So I rose and walked the few yards from our camper to our house.  (Bathroom work being done and since we only have one, we need to sleep where there is one handy in the middle of the night.)

The house was quiet and warm.  I put on coffee and turned on a couple of lamps and I felt The Holy Spirit with me.  Some old fears have tried to creep up on me–from long years ago, but I push them aside, settle myself and begin to pray.  The Lord brought two more to my mind to pray for and so they were added to my invisible prayer list.

A fraction of a verse came to me while praying, “two or more gathered in my name”…. I almost felt like maybe He had woke someone else to join me in this prayer vigil for these that I had no clue what their needs were…He has before.  I love how He surprises me- especially when it comes to how He works in our prayer lives.

Just as I finished praying and writing some prayer thoughts in my journal, I opened my “God Calling”….and what do I see (this is a surprise, because I hadn’t looked at it in many days–and actually it was in the camper and at the last minute, I reached for it in the dark and tucked it in my bag before I left for the house), but this verse:

“Where two or three are gathered together in My name there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

I smiled–and thought how amazing God is.  There is no way I could ever describe all the times He has done similar things –but  suffice it to say, it has been many -and this morning I had asked for a rejuvenation in my prayer life–a constant awareness of His presence and He showed me after He told me.

The WORD is a constant awareness of His presence–

HIS power–

& His purpose for us.

We attended a wedding this weekend–it was beautiful!  We attended one just a few weeks ago as well that was just as beautiful and the presence of God was so REAL in both that I could sense the Holy Spirit there.

As I thought about this verse this morning, the picture from both weddings came to my mind of the minister (who was also the dad), as he placed his hand on the shoulders of the bride and groom to pray over them.

Three.  Where there are two, The Holy Spirit is the third person uniting in prayer with us–for us–to our Father for the needs in our lives or the needs of others.


I am so thankful to know that no matter what my needs, where I am, the distance I have traveled–HE is there.  And He can and will wake someone up to pray for me when I am in need.  I may never know who or when, but I believe and TRUST in His healing-saving-grace filled power!



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