Camp has Ended

And lives were changed.  All over the place—hearts were directed to the path God had planned when they were created… and so it begins….the anticipation as each new step is taken….

Our granddaughter was one life changed, along with my sister, Wanda’s daughter, Victoria.  Both were filled with the Holy Spirit on Wednesday night!  When my daughter texted me the news—so many emotions flooded.  Memories of how I felt when Tiffany and April had such life changing experiences…And I could just feel the joy in my heart for Wanda’s “no-longer-little-girl”….


He’s necessary you know.  The Holy Spirit is necessary for the hard days ahead.  We have no clue how tough things are going to get—but we will need all the Resources that God has to give…

I won’t even attempt to tell you what my thoughts are for the near future… I don’t want this to become a political rant—instead, I want to encourage us all.  Myself included.  GET INTO THE WORD.

Memorize as much Scripture as possible.  Know it front to back.  (I am telling myself this with much emphasis.)

The things that have happened this year—that even some “Christian communities” have fallen for, still makes my heart ache.  It’s like they have taken “white-out” to the Bible and removed, as far as what they read/believe, all the parts that they don’t agree with. 

And all the mess going on—all over facebook—the flag business and race business…oh my goodness.  It’s more than I can even put words to tonight.  Heart breaking…that we—the citizens of the United States are falling prey to the powers that manipulate…oh yes…  Have you ever watched the movie “Wag the Dog”?

All while Kids Camp and Youth Camp has been going on—we have had “grands” staying with us.  And boy-howdee have I felt my age! I think my poor washing machine has too.  I forget how much work goes into kids being in the house—but we have had a great time.  Two more come next week and then I’m pushing the pause button. 

One of the best things—listening to them pray.  And encouraging them to deepen their conversations with God.  I love my girls and praying with them growing up, but praying with our grandsons has been a sweet –unexpected, joyous treat.  Thank You JESUS for all Your blessings in our lives!

I hope your summer is going well—ours is busy—and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon! Winking smile



© Angie Knight 2015. 

1 thought on “Camp has Ended”

  1. Beautiful family pic…and I can just imagine how your life changing news was received by your heart…enjoy the rest of your summer….those “grands” are more than grand, aren’t they? But I totally can relate to those “age” reminders that make the pauses so much needed….where have all the years gone?

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