The Waiting Game

The title is actually an oxymoron.  Or seems to me.  Waiting is no game.  
Games are meant to be fun…waiting is usually tied and constricted to enduring.  Or in my book that’s been the experience.  Patience.   Or the lack there of shows up in in the waiting game.  
When you’re waiting, you like to stay busy–did I say “you”?  I meant me.  Totally pinning this on myself.  I LIKE TO STAY BUSY.
It makes the wait shorter–or seems to.  Time flies then.
The day I took this picture I was outside waiting, just like these two.  But my wait was short compared to theirs.  Their wait was a life time.  All for a concrete floor.
The team of men and us two girls who tagged along (yes, I did just call Rene and myself girls), were preparing and creating a concrete floor for some homeowners in Honduras.  Their first one.  It would be in the living area–which is also the sleeping area.  The only other area in the house was the kitchen.  The men in the group were creating concrete mixture of substance that they then carried in buckets and dumped it in the middle of the floor and two men started spreading.  Everyone wanted to help.  We had men shoveling sand (Rene and I helped in this) and men mixing, men carrying water, and men smoothing the mixture.  On hands and knees these two worked–smoothing out, spreading more–smoothing out– making sure this floor was as substantial as possible working with what they had.
The living area was small and dark.  The pock holes in the metal roof looked like stars were shining in the daylight.  However, those same pock holes meant that rain water created rivers inside the house.  Water had the potential to carve out gullies where they slept.  And more often than not, it did.
This was June of 2013.  I remember the feel of the air–the sounds and the smells.  It, like every other mission trip, put a mark on my heart.  This was one of three trips I took without Jeff.   I prefer the ones with him…but God used these to work on “me”.  To help me see what was in my life that I could do without…
As we prepare for Bolivia and the children’s crusade, He’s doing that again.  God is showing me what I can do without…and there are still many things.  As much as I have sliced away at my belongings, there’s still more.  But now, He’s slicing away at other things.  Harbored hurts.  And it has brought me to my knees.  And this morning as I said aloud, “Jesus…loves….me”– I realize fresh there are millions and millions who have no idea that Jesus loves them enough that He came and died for them.
Our hearts desire is to do more and more for Jesus–and for those He puts into our lives.  Even though, at times, like NOW, the wait seems long.  We really only have 50 days to take off!  

50 DAYS!
Can I tell you something?  We have a few team members who are having some difficulty with raising the remainder of their funds.  Can you help us pray for them?  Everyone (including Jeff and myself) are responsible for their trip funds.  And we’ve been doing everything from cleaning a house or two, sewing dresses, selling “Thirty-One”–  to construction work.   
If God lays it on your heart to give–please consider donating to the “team member in need”.  They have a work to do–God has already assigned them.  I know–from my past experience in this that God grows our faith in these times.  And it is the efforts of many that much work is done.
Perhaps you can’t go, maybe have no desire to go–that’s okay!  God loves using people like you to help send!  Yay!  Your heart and talents may be IN giving!
It is with grateful hearts that we will go and share the gospel of Jesus–and YOU, my dear precious reader, can have a part in that.  Those who give has just as much a part as those who go!
Thank you …. for helping.  Thank you for praying and sending and donating.  Your faith is an action.
  And our waiting… feels more like a game.  Because we are seeing God do so much-sowing and reaping, through faithful hearts and lives.

© 2015 Angie Knight- The Knightly News. All rights reserved.
Photography- Angie Knight.  All rights reserved.

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