Stepping Through Time

Each mission trip we have participated in has been like stepping through to another time…

100_4805-Cambodia 2012In many instances the various places have afforded much of what we have here—such as electricity, running water, cell phones, TV’s –but there are far more mule, horse or ox driven carts  than you could  imagine. 

It’s way further back than “Mayberry”…. It’s not like walking off a movie set and then everything is back to normal…this is their normal.

This particular picture is from our first day in Cambodia in 2012.  We had traveled to the temples and the heavy spirit was just as draining as the heat. 

There are days that my mind wanders back to the humid climb up the steps—that was every bit as breath taking as the view.  Literally.  Hard. to. breathe.  Walking climbing with Vanessa Perkins beside me—and both of us trying to encourage the other one—“you can do this”… It was tough.  Tougher still, is trying to relay what we saw to others with the punch and impact that the trip made on our hearts and minds.

When you tell someone that you’re going on a mission trip—some responses make you smile—and they encourage you to share.  However, there are some responses that cause you to “smh”.  As they say on facebook. (shakin’ my head)

In 26 days, we leave.  Actually, it’s shorter than that I think –depending on what time you read this post.  My heart is already boarding. 

We’ve got several newbies.  I LOVE NEWBIES!  I love seeing their faces (I’ve said that before) when they encounter the new land.  When they hear the songs of worship in another language…oh my …. Heaven will be unimaginable.  Every tribe…every language…all in harmony—singing to the King of Kings!

My role this trip will be different.  More than just photographs…you will (I hope) get a REAL feel for the people and the land. 

I hope you will join us here on the blog—and pray.  Pray even now as we are preparing.  Pray as we are packing.

We’ve got a lot of things to take with us this time—with two missions happening at once, the building going up—and the Kids Crusade Team ministering about an hour away….we have been so ridiculously blessed by God!  He’s splurged on us- pray that we get through customs without one hiccup.  Or sneeze.

There are several team members that are being “sent” by friends and family—you have set aside money to help them go with us—and you have no idea the blessing YOU have become to this trip!  Thank YOU!  For giving—so that they might go.  You are a vital part of this trip.

In just a few short weeks, we hope you will join us…as we step through a door of time… Bolivia.  Here we come!

© Angie Knight 2014.  All rights reserved.

Photo:  © Angie Knight 2012-Cambodia


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