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Reflection of a Heart Like His

For Wanda’s birthday I want to share with you something written by a dear friend, who has to remain nameless due to the fact she lives in another country–and they do not take kindly to Christians–to say the least.

Dear Angie,

You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers through this difficult time. Although Wanda and I were not intimate friends, I did feel as though I had come to know her over the years. I had the greatest
respect and admiration for her consistent demonstration of abiding faith and trust in the face of what many of us would consider to be overwhelming adversity. 

Despite years of pain and trial, she managed to retain a special sweetness I shall never forget.

After I received the news, I spent much of the evening pondering the indescribable profundity of Wanda’s absolute simplicity and straightforward sincerity. 
She did not strive to be a flashy dresser, a vivacious social butterfly, or a dazzlingly erudite conversationalist. She did not seek the spotlight; she did not pursue praise or adulation. In a world where the surface is so often valued over the core, where the cover is prized more than the content, Wanda always seemed to me to be a ray of almost translucent purity and faith.

She leaves behind no record of artistic or intellectual genius; instead, she leaves for an adoring family and loving friends the memories they will never forget: memories of faith, hope, patience, sacrifice, determination, and a never-ending quest to know and fulfill God’s will on this earth. Perhaps,
after all, that is an even greater and more valuable legacy for us all. 



 Then days later she wrote again:

Dear Angie, “Over the last few days, I have really been meditatingon the miracle of Wanda’s life. She lived … truly,truly LIVED … the example that many of us talkabout. She did a lot of walking and not much talking.Or should I say that she let her walking do thetalking. I feel blessed and humbled to have known herat all….”

As I re-read these words from 2008, I reflected on my own life–I’ve heard preachers say often, “our lives are our testimony  -and it’s from that we preach our own funeral”…. I stop and think…what am I saying?  What are my actions revealing?

What about yours?  Do you ever ponder what your life is revealing about you? 

I know I have seen facebook posts that hurt my heart.  I’m not talking about the ones that are blatantly “sin”…I don’t have or subscribe to that–I’m talking about those “life revealing” posts and pictures.  The ones that reveal what is in our inner most thoughts– whether the picture reveals smiles or steely eyes.  

The heart reflects our walk.  Our walk talks for us.  Whether you tip-toe in high heels or stomp around in cowboy boots–or flip in flip-flops. The walk is talking.

What is the reflection He sees when He sees us?…. Just something to ask ourselves in the coming days…

I know Wanda’s life has blessed all who truly knew her–and I know that we will be joined again in our eternal home…every time we gather as family and talk about this–we get more ready to be there…

But until then, there’s much to do here!

Carry on!

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Tomorrow is a Big Day

Friday.  The 28th of February.  Wanda’s birthday 🙂

I feel a stir in my heart that maybe–just maybe there will be a party going on in heaven.  What do you think?

Some may say “that’s silly”…  Well, to be absent from the body is to be present with The LORD (2 Corinthians 5:8), and I believe He loves her enough that He just might want to throw her a party!

I’ve been working on a project this afternoon.  The testimony of God’s love and faithfulness for one of His other children.  My dear husband.

Many of you know him as Jeff.  His two closest friends call him “Jabot” (from French jabôt –pronounced: Jabo).  He’s also known as “Daddy” by our two girls, and “Papa” by 7 terrific grand-kids.   To me, he is many things.  The love of my life.  My dearest and best friend.

For over 31 years he’s been my husband, and a strong provider.  The priest of our home.  A shoulder to cry on (like the time the mouse chewed my favorite skirt mother made me and I discovered it right before church and he pulled me in his lap and let me cry), an ear (for all the times I need to vent), a heart that feels pain with me–for all the same reasons.

There are many times we are thinking the same thoughts…we are, as of the last day of June in ’82, ONE.

I’ve heard him share his testimony so many times over the course of the years the girls were young…then life got so busy and we dedicated all our time to our family, our work and our church.

But…I feel a stir in my soul.  It’s time to share it again.  I asked him a couple of days ago about sharing it–and he gave me permission….so, it’s on our header and I’m adding the link here:  “Jeff’s Journey to Jesus”.

Perhaps someone “knows someone” in a dark place.  Maybe you have a son or daughter that you feel so broken and hopeless about right now…you need to know… THERE IS HOPE.

Keep praying.  Don’t stop believing.  Pray –visualizing them kneeling at the foot of the cross.  Pray the WORD.  Anoint their beds… pray over them as they leave the house…. claim the promises in the Word.

Teach them early parents…we have no idea what lies ahead…. BUT you can trust the One you give them to if you put all your faith and trust in Jesus.

If you are friends with either one of us on Facebook, drop us a note.  Jeff and I will gladly pray with you.

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Belly Button Ring

This is a repeat from several years ago–but I “felt” it was needed today:
I have a good friend that is totally “hip”. Really “with-it”.  

All the things I am not.

Well, I have hips…. but my “with-it”…sounds more like something I’d say after I had been to the dentist and returned with my mouth numb…

When this happened, I asked her permission to share this story with you…hmmm, let’s just say—the LORD spoke to me through it.

Lisa was having trouble with her back. Her neck. Her shoulder. This was tough—especially since she is a faithful gym-goer. She had been having trouble with “strength” —lifting the weights. So she made an appointment to see her Chiropractor. 

As he began to examine her, and question her, he maneuvered her for a response to her reflexes, testing her resistance, and he noticed the weakness on one side. “Lisa”, he said with a questioning tone, “do you have a belly-button ring?” 

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do”. She replied–she was, after all very “hip and with-it”, and loved her belly-button ring.

“Do you mind taking it out?” Dr. Carnes needed to prove what he felt was the problem.

After she removed the metal, he began his testing all over. This time, her body reacted differently to each maneuver. She had strength. It was almost like you had removed the cryptonite from Superman’s space and his strength returned.

With a puzzled expression, she wanted to know why it made a difference. His explanation made perfect sense. The metal, or foreign object was interrupting the energy flow of her body. Something was blocking her physical strength. But once the hindrance was removed…strength returned.

Do you see what I saw? The instant parallel of our strength in Christ vs. the hindrances of the world came racing to my mind.

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know what God wants you to do, and you will know how good and pleasing and perfect his will really is.”Romans 12:2 NLT

To her, and many others, the belly-button ring was attractive. A symbol. But to her body, it was a hindrance. Might not have been noticed before. May not have even “felt” the resistance before. But at this time in her life…the change of the energy flow was noticed

She is only a few years younger than I am, but in good physical condition. I on the other hand, well, if you know me…you know.  I am a bookoholic instead of a gymoholic……It shows. 

After she told me this, I immediately told her, “you know this will have to be a blog”. 

I smiled, already hearing the Lord speaking to my heart. Because He knows me. He knows the things I have been neglecting so long they are now “hindrances” in my walk. 

Examine your life Angie. What is blocking your “energy flow”. Are you full of My strength? You know from your past experience what happens when you try to conform to the world–when you neglect what I have called you to do…. In order to fit in you allow things to come between what I desire for you.” 

Well, you could have knocked me out of my rolling chair with a feather! 

In my past I know there have been many times that I wanted to be a part of what seemed to be fun—so much so, that my decisions were warped. 

Poor decisions made an impact in my life that was NOT pleasant. But I was thinking…surely not now. Why, surely I am right on track…But after thinking this over….I can find things that need to be removed from my heart and life to increase my energy flow. 

I took a phone survey and even polled some random ladies with a simple question: What are some things that we allow to hinder our relationship with Christ:

  • TV (too much of it, and the type of programming—we are what we feed our minds);
  • Busyness and/or obsessive housework (as in the Martha Syndrome);
  • Excessive secular reading (neglecting the Bible);
  • Unforgiveness (self-explanatory);
  • Anger (self-explanatory);
  • Greed (desirous of worldly things); and
  • Envy (wanting what everyone else has). Another late entry of the survey came in after I came home from work. It seemed the opposite of one, but when she explained, I instantly saw how it could quickly become a hindrance: 
  • Having a clutter filled house and life.

The first one listed was mentioned by more than one person. It deserved top ranking. The next ones listed fell as suggested by those I polled. They all fall in the category of being a “belly-button ring”. So-to-speak. A strength zapper. 
If not attended, I think it could even cripple.

I have embarked on an “examination” of my life. I am on the table. The Lord is probing my heart and life for the unnecessary. I don’t have any piercings other than my ears, but there are MANY things that need to be dealt with continually in my life. Things that left unattended in my life will drain every ounce of spiritual strength I have. 

Father in heaven, reveal to me–to each one of us–the hindrances in our lives. I need to know. I want to see it for what it is and deal with it once and for all. Forgive me for waiting so long. Some of the issues may have been here so long they are deeply embedded. Remove them from my life. Pour in the peroxide to boil out the wound. I ask with all sincerity of heart that the anointing of the Holy Spirit flow through my life as a river that I never before experienced! Help us to reach new heights in serving You. I am Yours. Wholly and completely. In the awesome name of Jesus I pray. Believing in You~Amen

Your turn.

Are you as close as you can be to Jesus?

Think about what might be hindering your walk with Christ. Resolve to take control of it and remove it from your life.

Make a list of hindrances. Share them with others. Shine the spotlight on the issues so that they are exposed. Exposure can bring about closure.

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

Random Ramble and Prattling Thoughts

Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young, had a riveting sentence:  “Pry your mind away from your problems so you can focus your attention on Me.”

How often do we do that?


I had sat here this morning and typed a long blog post about some changes God has been requiring of me– relationship shifting, etc. and then the iPad LOST IT ALL.  So I started over and it looks a bit different.  It’s shorter.  Be glad.

Back to my thoughtline.  Changes in my life:  Sometimes others draw so much out of us that we catch ourselves neglecting our First Love.

My mother has the gift of  “setting me straight”.  It’s a good thing–although at 15 I didn’t think so.

She gave all of our family members a book a few years ago titled, “Boundaries” by Dr. Henry Cloud and  Dr. John Townsend.  It has helped “shine light” into my life in the area of some things I needed to adjust.

Often we get caught up in trying to help someone else we neglect those who are most dear to our heart…I think for ministers–and most in ministry this is often the case.  Others just seem to “need” so much–and those we love, well, we just expect them to understand.

I drew some lines.  Took necessary and needed steps “back” and in some cases, “out”.   Changed some things around.  Cleaned out some closets.  The prayer closet.

The first thing I neglect when in a rush–is real- dedicated prayer.  I give it the old “drive-thru” effect.

“Lord, give me this today and I need a dose of that–and could you please show up and be accounted for here in this–in Christ name, amen.”

WHAT?  Yes, that’s what God is saying.

Did she do what I think she did?  Did she just use the 911 prayer line?

“Well, she didn’t mean to Lord, I mean, you know she’s in a rush today…You see all that’s going on in her life and all she feels responsible for….You know she has kids, grandkids, jobs, talents, ministries, a husband, sisters, brothers, parents and…..” trailing off….

Well guess WHO gave her those blessings?  It is NOT My fault if she hasn’t yet learned to set good clear boundaries, how to say no, in a nice way of course,  and  HOW TO PRIORITIZE! Do you think we need to take some things off her plate?

“Uhm, well, let’s walk close by and give strong nudges today and see if she gets the hints….”

I do get a strong sense of His presence and I do take heed when He speaks and I am a hot mess of tears when I realize how far I have wandered off into the land of “little productivity–but so much activity”.  God is not pleased with this– This is not His intention.

I have taken heed.   I’ve done much soul searching, closet and life cleaning–and restructuring has begun.

What about you?

What is God seeing when He looks over into your life?  See…He sees it all.  Every-single-self portrait….every thought we think that is not in line with HIS Word…and inside, I know He hurts.  Just as we do when we see our own children falter and wander from the path we know we raised them to follow….

Set UP good boundaries.  Put God FIRST.  Your SPOUSE second.  THEN your children.  Then your ministry.  Then others.  I’ve only gotten my toe in ministry -so-to-speak, I realized quickly though, if you are not careful with your time–your talents will not serve you well.  Nor will they serve Him….

Is your relationship with church?  Or Christ.  Are your goals YOURS? or HIS.  What I mean–did they begin with you and then you made it His–or did they begin with Him speaking to you….

Okay…I’ve rambled enough.  Laundry awaits.

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

Purple Passion

Me and Aimee and 2010 on “Sisters of Faith Day”.

I planned to wear purple today–before I knew anything about “purple for cancer day”.  I support every single person struggling with that nasty disease…that disease that steals thoughts, moments, and even seconds from lives of those I know and those I don’t know.  Millions.

My reason for purple became clear a few weeks after my sister, Wanda Jakelsky, passed from here–to There in 2008.  Heaven, in case you wondered.

She dared to live her faith.  She dared to color her life with her favorite color, “purple”.

She dared to BELIEVE God’s Word…for exactly what It says.

We dared to take that up…and color our days with faith and purple and sweetness and look head-on into the fullness of each blessing…and try as hard as we could to see the joy in everything.  Although, I confess, that is sometimes hard.

I wrote a lot back then.  Much more than I do now….and writing helps me see.  Writing helps me feel His presence more than anything I can think of right now… because I stop long enough to sit at His feet in my writing….and I guess you can tell, I have very little time for writing these past many, many months.  BUT, I still write in long hand (who does that anymore?) in  my prayer journal on a weekly basis….it just hasn’t made it to the pages of  this blog [yet].

We celebrate each day of the month of February with something purple.  I’ve said it countless times–but every time I see purple, I think of Wanda.  I know today–I will be thinking of her A LOT…because when I first turned on facebook, I saw it EVERYWHERE!  I thought, WOW! So many blessings today!  Then I found the “why” all the purple–and I began counting all those lives–both living and passed, that have been affected by cancer.

I applaud them all today.  I stand in an applauding ovation at your courage…and the bravery for which you LIVE…choosing EACH day to feel, breathe, take in the blessing of one more day with your darling loved ones….and if you happen to be alone, sitting in that chair, receiving the painful medication that is to make you well–know this:  You.  Are.  Not.  Alone.

I will love thee, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.  Psalms 18:1-3  In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.  Psalms 18:6

Wear your color so royal today with passion...and remember, The LORD GOD is your strong tower, fortress, deliverer….and strength.  You can trust HIM.  Nothing will happen that has not passed through His Hands first–and if it passes, then HE will bring strength to those who BELIEVE and call on the Name of the LORD.  His NAME is STRONG.

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News