Random Ramble and Prattling Thoughts

Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young, had a riveting sentence:  “Pry your mind away from your problems so you can focus your attention on Me.”

How often do we do that?


I had sat here this morning and typed a long blog post about some changes God has been requiring of me– relationship shifting, etc. and then the iPad LOST IT ALL.  So I started over and it looks a bit different.  It’s shorter.  Be glad.

Back to my thoughtline.  Changes in my life:  Sometimes others draw so much out of us that we catch ourselves neglecting our First Love.

My mother has the gift of  “setting me straight”.  It’s a good thing–although at 15 I didn’t think so.

She gave all of our family members a book a few years ago titled, “Boundaries” by Dr. Henry Cloud and  Dr. John Townsend.  It has helped “shine light” into my life in the area of some things I needed to adjust.

Often we get caught up in trying to help someone else we neglect those who are most dear to our heart…I think for ministers–and most in ministry this is often the case.  Others just seem to “need” so much–and those we love, well, we just expect them to understand.

I drew some lines.  Took necessary and needed steps “back” and in some cases, “out”.   Changed some things around.  Cleaned out some closets.  The prayer closet.

The first thing I neglect when in a rush–is real- dedicated prayer.  I give it the old “drive-thru” effect.

“Lord, give me this today and I need a dose of that–and could you please show up and be accounted for here in this–in Christ name, amen.”

WHAT?  Yes, that’s what God is saying.

Did she do what I think she did?  Did she just use the 911 prayer line?

“Well, she didn’t mean to Lord, I mean, you know she’s in a rush today…You see all that’s going on in her life and all she feels responsible for….You know she has kids, grandkids, jobs, talents, ministries, a husband, sisters, brothers, parents and…..” trailing off….

Well guess WHO gave her those blessings?  It is NOT My fault if she hasn’t yet learned to set good clear boundaries, how to say no, in a nice way of course,  and  HOW TO PRIORITIZE! Do you think we need to take some things off her plate?

“Uhm, well, let’s walk close by and give strong nudges today and see if she gets the hints….”

I do get a strong sense of His presence and I do take heed when He speaks and I am a hot mess of tears when I realize how far I have wandered off into the land of “little productivity–but so much activity”.  God is not pleased with this– This is not His intention.

I have taken heed.   I’ve done much soul searching, closet and life cleaning–and restructuring has begun.

What about you?

What is God seeing when He looks over into your life?  See…He sees it all.  Every-single-self portrait….every thought we think that is not in line with HIS Word…and inside, I know He hurts.  Just as we do when we see our own children falter and wander from the path we know we raised them to follow….

Set UP good boundaries.  Put God FIRST.  Your SPOUSE second.  THEN your children.  Then your ministry.  Then others.  I’ve only gotten my toe in ministry -so-to-speak, I realized quickly though, if you are not careful with your time–your talents will not serve you well.  Nor will they serve Him….

Is your relationship with church?  Or Christ.  Are your goals YOURS? or HIS.  What I mean–did they begin with you and then you made it His–or did they begin with Him speaking to you….

Okay…I’ve rambled enough.  Laundry awaits.

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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