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Well, if you are a regular…you will have noticed I’ve not been here an many days.  Sorry.  Life and such.

We had a great, albeit quiet, Christmas.  The tree and decorations were removed pretty quickly-and I set about getting things ready for 2014.

It began with clearing out a closet and then morphed into clearing out rooms…one at a time.  It felt good.

Right now, I am sitting at the Activity Center listening to three of the grandsons play games.  Jason is very talkative…during games…and eating…and driving…and last night when I went to make sure they were covered and asleep, I noticed he inherited his papa-and mommy’s “talking in sleep” ability.

So, if this blog seems choppy, they are fussing.  Or, Jason is fussing.  With the video game.

I have a turtle girl-who is a dear friend.  Barbara is what most friends call her. But B- the turtle girl is another name.  There is MORE to that fun story-but for today–that’s all you get.

On a camping trip last year–I saw a turtle on the road and then found some turtles in the gift shop.  I thought of Barbara many times.  But when I saw this pair of mama and baby turtle, I thought of the way God loves us.

He’s close.  Always.

Can’t sleep?  Talk to Him.

Tough decisions?  Talk to Him.

Too much going on?  I talked to Him…and He gave me instructions.  It sounded much like a parent.

Put up healthy boundaries.  Stay the course.  Time is short.  Make the moments count.  Listen to Me.  Spend time with Me.  De-clutter your life.

Many things are going on in our lives–and I consult the Master.  The Keeper of my heart.–and He never fails me.  He won’t fail you either.

Be prepared for changes though friend.  99.9% of the time, they are a requirement.

And yes, I cut this short because supper is ready and Jason is getting louder.

See you soon!

© Angie Knight- The Knightly News

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