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Coffee Anyone?

It COULD be the amount of coffee I’ve had today….

OR, it could be from the message preached last night at Grace by our Associate Pastor, Shane Martin….

OR, it could be the stirring from The Holy Spirit that I have felt for days…even a couple of weeks…

God is changing and rearranging things in my heart and life.

What’s in store???  He’s not informed me of everything…but just enough to get me so pumped up and excited.  (He–meaning God.)

I sit in my office every day…facing this spectacular picture.

 The clock is ticking.  We are running out of time–I don’t want to be found resting–but working toward the goal…toward the prize.

I want my words and actions to lead someone heavenward…not into complacently–or despondency.  

How do we do that?

By feeding first on HIS Word…before we open our mouth full of our words…

Psalms 19:14   Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.

This week I’m going to share a story from the Honduras mission about a man I met–and came to really admire as I watched him and listened to him.  I shared a picture of him in the last post, Mr. Bill Wester.

You don’t want to miss this story–

Video from Cambodia trip 2012.  Watch and continue to pray for the children and families of the “Floating Village”…

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