Time Well Spent

On Sunday, in Honduras, as we were taking the kids to the class rooms to begin with singing and a Bible story from Ana, I spied a trailer with a word spray painted on it…

We can’t “save” any for a rainy day…to be pulled back out and used when we are down to the wire…

We must use each minute wisely.

Make every second count.

I am big at wasting time.  I seem to have a knack at getting caught up with games or reading silly–inconsequential “stuff” on Facebook, or just “lolly-gagging” around.

I didn’t make that word up.  As a child, it was something I heard my mother say more than once–because I was “lolly-gagging”, or not staying on task.

I like to think now, that I’ve got my “eye-peeled”, so I’m focusing on more than one thing.

Over the past couple of years–I have come to the strong realization that God wants my FULL focus.

Don’t wander off.

No lolly-gaggin’.  Pay attention to details.  The work ahead requires undivided attention and a conscious effort to manage our time well.

Time spent in The Word is well spent.  Putting verses to memory, praying–praising–worshiping—HIM.  Time well spent.

When we go to South America, one of the first things I discovered–and Mike Baldree reiterated more than once–“their time is not like our time”.  Time doesn’t mean to them what it does to us.  They are not rushed.  They work through their day without a hurry.

They rest.  They pause and walk slowly.

I find it hard to adapt.   I have to mentally tell  myself that “what needs to get done, will get done before we leave”.

As a team, we all work hard–the men work a back breaking job of mixing mortar, laying bricks, building a church all day.  The women, come behind and clean the bricks, bring water (Jeff taught me how to lay bricks my first trip), and generally we work at helping them work most efficiently in the time we have there.  Making the most of every minute–and every opportunity.

The women also have the pleasure of playing with the children–and I have the joy of recording it all.  I like to try my hand at everything.  I enjoy learning–and teaching what I learn.

My focus though, when I’m on a mission trip, is to “show and tell” you what is going on.  I love keeping you informed of the happenings.  So the trip to Honduras was WAY different in the fact I could not share nightly what happened in the day.

I’ve endeavored to bring my memories back to the keyboard, and it has caused me to re-live many of those moments spent.  Thank you for your patience.  You may be ready for me to move on–but there are just a couple more things I want to share.

One of the greatest joys has been the fact that I’ve met some incredible people who live RIGHT here!  And their heart for missions beats as wildly as mine.

Mr. Bill Wester is a man with a heart for missions–and I hope to share a few moments that happened on our journey of the rice and beans mission.  It opened my eyes to more of the reality of the people…fair warning–get a box of kleenex.  Even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

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